This has been an exhausting week that doesn’t seem to end; I have been stressed and was even ill early in the week. But one thing that helped me a lot during this crazy week was essential oils. I used different essential oils to help me through different issues; like I used lavender oil to relieve stress, and eucalyptus oil to clear up congestion.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils with properties that can have various effects on the skin. Essential oils are also used to relax, stimulate, or balance the psyche. However, with all its benefits, not all skin types can tolerate essential oils. It is important to understand their benefits to skin and find out from a professional if it is well suited for your skin type or skin conditions before proceeding.


Tea tree Stimulating Antiseptic; treats acne
Birch leaf Stimulating Moisturizing
Lavender Soothing Healing
Peppermint Cooling Decreases circulation
Benzoin Astringent For oily and acne skin type
Sandalwood Soothing Anti-inflammatory
Ylang-ylang Soothing Antiseptic; increases circulation
Lemon Stimulating Antiseptic for acne; Oily skin
Bergamont Soothing Oily skin; acne
Eucalyptus Stimulating Increases circulation
Rosemary Stimulating Increases circulation
Neroli Soothing Antiseptic for acne; oily skin
Orange Stimulating Astringent
Lemongrass Stimulating Antiseptic for acne; oily skin


These are just a few essential oils and their benefits. In the coming weeks I will share more information on other essential oils. If you have any questions please comment below. Also, please don’t forget to subscribe.

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