5 DO's to SKIN HEALTH IN 2018

5 DO's to SKIN HEALTH IN 2018

Give Double cleansing a shot
Cleansing is a salient step in any skincare routine. A properly cleansed skin provides a solid foundation for the other steps to come. Double cleansing method which is often practiced in the PM, involves two steps: first massaging your face with a mild milky or oil cleanser to remove dirt, makeup, and grime of the day. Remove the cleanser with warm face cloth and follow with the second cleanse. The second cleanser could be an active cleanser of your choice or one which treats a specific skin condition.
Include Serums in your routine
Serums are light weight products that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients to the skin. Serums are great way to treat certain skin conditions or improve your skin drastically. I also recommend occasionally alternating between nourishing serums and treatment serums in the course of your routine. Now, I strongly advice against bombarding your skin with too many serums at once to prevent negative reactions. Remember more does not mean better.
Exfoliation is key
Exfoliation is beneficial to every skin type. It removes dead skin cells, allowing new skin cells to come to the surface. By adding this step in your routine this 2018, will help with increase blood circulation which in turn leads to healthier skin. There are different types /techniques of exfoliation its important you use the most appropriate for your skin type.
Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin
We all know skincare routines/products has enormous impact on the skin but what you put in your body is also significance on your skin. So, this year, tweaking your diet a bit to include more nourishing meals and drinks like leafy greens, watermelons, water and reducing your sugar intake. The latter are examples of habits that should be added to anyone who is looking to improve their skins health this year.

All my clients know that I am obsessed with hydration and the use of sunscreen. Its important that every skin type keep their skin hydrated. This can be achieved by applying hydrating products topical but also internally by eating foods with high water content or consuming the required amount of glasses of water per day. It leaves your skin looking plump, clear from inflammation amongst other things.
I am over the moon the you took your time to stop by this post. If you have any questions or would like to share what tweak to your skincare routine you would try out leave a comment below, would love to hear it. Have a swell week.

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