Its Christmas time! So, it’s Christmas parties, office end of year parties, dinners, weddings, in general having a great time with friends and family. For some with each event comes the opportunity to indulge in a few cocktails, sweet treats and the extra plate of jollof rice; topped off with late nights dancing the night away (so much fun) Unfortunately the swell time can wreck havoc on your skin, leaving it lackluster and dehydrated. This doesn't have to be the case so here a few tips to get you through.


1. WASH IT OFF BEFORE YOU GO TO BED:  Back to back parties means back to back make up on your skin. While there is nothing wrong with getting dolled up, not taking it off properly can before going to bed is a big no, no. Going to bed with makeup can clog your skin, becomes acne prone and ages seven times faster. I wish there was an easy way around but there isn't. Double cleanse your skin with the appropriate skincare products for your skin type. A cleansing balm/oil first to break down makeup followed by your active cleanser.  I would recommend using the Glo skin beauty essential cleansing oil with a Kreme cleansing cloth. Both available in our online shop here. Glo skin beauty essemtial cleansing oil



 2. KEEP YOUR ROUTINE SIMPLE: If you have a busy social calendar, your elaborate skincare routine goes to the back burner. The best tip is to keep it simple. When your routine is simple and appropriate for your skin conditions , you can get through it fuss free and your skin will thank you. I recommend a three-step routine; AM: Cleanse, tone and moisturize/sunscreen in one step. PM cleanse, tone moisturize. P.S when you do get a little down time, make sure to incorporate weekly treatments to help boost radiance. 



ABOVE: At 3 step routine for acne/ acne prone skin conditions. Click here.


3. HYDRATION!!! Indulging in our favorite foods and celebratory beverages can leave our skin needing for more TLC. You must balance your over enjoyment with drinking at least eight glasses of water daily to help flush and balance our gut. I am also advice all my clients to incorporate hydrating toners & serums into your routine which help maintain good hydration levels in the skin.

PICTURE ABOVE: Rhonda Allison Skin Quench great to add much needed hydration to dehydrated skin. Beneficial for all skin types. SHOP ONLINE. Click here  



4.MAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE: Once a week I recommend you take time out to treat your skin. With a simple routine through the week, it is imperative that you take at least one to two days a week to treat your skin to a proper routine. Adding the right type of exfoliation is a non-negotiable especially if you have been wearing makeup all week. It will slough off dead skin allowing better absorption of skincare products. On self care day add a hydrating mask too, your skin will thank you.

5.SEE YOUR AESTHETICIAN: Scheduling an appointment with your facialist is beneficial. Aesthetician may offer a number of advanced treatments that will help treat, hydrate or prevent any unhealthy skin conditions before it rears its ugly head. Besides leaving with glowing skin, your will leave more rejuvenated and readier to take on another round of mingling.
6. TRY TO EAT HEALTHY: Yes I know, you its been 11 months of exercise, eating healthy and this is the time when you can let your hair down to indulge on your guilty pleasures. Please, please, indulge a little but make the effort to eat healthy. I would suggest cutting up some fruit , packing up some healthy snacks like almonds and having it handy as you go out. Remember, your skin reflects what you put in so put in good and get good skin.  


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