People fall in different categories when it comes to their perspective on skincare. Some are team minimal, other are team extra and there are a few that are just in the middle. Whatever team you fall under, one thing remains true: we all want healthy looking skin. With so much information thrown at you daily, it can get a little overwhelming so I figured a share a few DON’T  that could be of some value. This is by no means an exhaustive list but there a few tips based on recent questions I have received lately.

 NOT HYDRATING : I have said it once, twice, to probably a million times, staying hydrated is a fundamental part of skin health. Most people do not drink the optimal amounts of water daily because of their schedule, not having it readily available or some just don’t like the taste of water. I constantly recommend hydrating inside and topically. You can drink your water and eat your water by eating foods with high water content like watermelon. Daily water intake assists the body flush out toxins which contributes to general health and in turn healthy skin. Applying some of hydration topically either in from pf a serum, essence, or toners is a great step to add on to your routine. It ensures a hydration and plumping the skin, it also helps drive other active ingredients into the skin.

PICKING: I know it’s tempting. Its staring you in the face and you just want it gone. My tip leaves it alone. DO NOT TOUCH IT.  You are only going to cause more harm than good to your skin. You could spot treat it to help reduce the inflammation but do not squeeze.

OVEREXFOLIATION IS REAL, DON’T DO IT: In recent years, I have seen an increase in clients who have come in with conditions from over exfoliation. The overuse / misuse of acid exfoliators, abrasive scrubs, abrasive at home devices and even some going as far as using chemical peels bought of unauthorized platforms and done at home just to name a few. It is important you use the right type of exfoliation, at the right frequency and prescribed for appropriately to resolve your skin condition. Solution: seek professional advice.

NOT USING AN ANITOXIDANT: I am a huge advocate that everyone should use an antioxidant. Think about it like multivitamin for the skin. They help support overall skin health and when the right combination is prescribed, the results you achieve can be magical.

NOT SLEEPING : As a mum, I know too well the negative effects lack of adequate sleep. I have regularly shared that most days I feel like a walking zombie.; not good. It is especially bad on your skin. A chronic lack of sleep will make your skin look dull and tired.

CHOOSE SKINCARE PRODUCTS NOT FORMULATED FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE: Every skin is different. Your skin concerns are unique to you in so many ways. You must use a routine customized for you and only you. What works for A, may not work for you so seek professional guidance.

UNHEALTHY EATING HABITS : I cannot over emphasize this enough. When you put in good, you get good out. Do not underestimate the correlation between unhealthy food and unhealthy-looking skin. We must be conscious to stay away from the unhealthy choices, instead make balance great choices and will impact our skin positively.



NOT WEARING SUNSCREEN: it should go without saying that not wearing sunscreen is a huge NO!NO!. I have will always emphasize the importance of sunscreen. it must be used daily and re applied for optimal protection. 

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