To put it simply, hyperpigmentation is overproduction of pigment in the skin.  Sun exposure, acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from skin damage, medication can cause darkened pigmentation. The best way to prevent hyperpigmentation is to stay out of the sun as much as possible, wear protective clothing daily, avoid abrasive/harsh chemicals on your skin, and most important wear sunscreen.

Now don't fret if you missed the boat on preventative measures, and you are wondering what can I do to begin recovery. First thing to note, brightening takes time and commitment. For some with deep pigmentation, you may require advanced procedures to see results. That said, the following is a basic home routine recommendation to aid in your journey to clearer skin.


CLEANSE: Typically, cleanser containing AHA like lactic acid (My favorite) or glycolic acid would be preferred in this instance. There are some brightening cleanser that are formulated with mandelic acid, azaleic acid, licorice root, etc. These are great and even better when combined with AHA or BHA.

EXFOLIATION: A mild chemical exfoliant could be used with caution. The first step has some acids that cause cell turn over so you don't want to over exfoliate because it may make hyperpigmentation worse.

TREATMENT: Brightening serums/ampoule  like Vitamin C , can be applied after exfoliation.

MOISTURIZER: Applying moisturizer with brightening ingredients would be recommended but a good hydrating moisturizer would also do the trick.

SUNSCREEN: This step is very vital to reducing hyperpigmentation. It provides protection from ultraviolet rays that can further darken hyper pigmented areas.


It is important to note that harsh bleaching agents different from the brightening ingredients mentioned above can be very damaging to the skin, health and not to mention highly controversial. Please exercise caution and always consult a dermatologist before you proceed.

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