As a teenager, I was introduced to toners as part of a skincare routine to help with dreaded acne that came with hormonal changes of puberty. Back then toners were alcohol based, which was supposed to reduce the excess oil that was the root of the acne. I remember the strong smell of the toner as it approached my face, and as I would gently sweep across my face my eyes would well up with tears like I was peeling an onion. As a couple hours passed, I would rub my finger across my t-zone area, dabbing off the excess oil that my poor stripped skin had produced. When I got to college, I read somewhere that toners where unnecessary and your skin could do without it so I immediately dumped toners and never looked back... until now. I recently tested out some toners that are really beneficial for your skin and most importantly, they do not strip your skin. Beauty water is one of such toners. I must be honest, I was pretty cautious about this toner because it does have a small amount of alcohol in the formulation, but I figured I had to test it out myself in order to give a good review despite my bias against toners and I am glad I did.



Beauty water Korean skincare product created by make up artists Son and Park.  it  is a cleansing liquid made from natural plant extract that cleanses and moisturizes your skin. It can be used as a toner after  cleansing or a skin refresher during the course of the day.


Natural ingredients derived from coconut, corn, potato and wheat.

Hydration -formulated with rosewater, lavender water and orange peel extract

AHA lactic acid

 PRICE: $30


Apply on cotton pad and gently sweep across your face. 

As a toner, after your double cleanse, swipe saturated cotton pad with beauty water across your face to take off any residue.

As a refresher, you can apply beauty water on cotton pad or pour a little in your palm and pat it into your skin.


90 days


Suitable for all skin types.


It’s a beautiful sleek looking transparent plastic bottle with a black screw on lid. It’s a long bottle so it may not fit into a regular sized travel bag. The lid can be tightened enough to prevent any spills.

REPURCHASE? Resounding yes!




The lavender water, rose water and orange fruit extract make my skin feel hydrated immediately I use it. It leaves my skin feeling supple and plump all day long.

My skin looked noticeably brighter and has a healthy glow.

The formula includes corn, coconut and potatoes which lightly exfoliates my skin without stripping in spite of the alcohol in it

It has my favorite acid, lactic acid, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone, fades pigmentation, controls and prevents oiliness and breakouts, acne scarring, evens out skin tone and has skin lightening benefits. All of these qualities are similar to glycolic acid, but lactic is gentler therefore suitable for the most sensitive skin.


It has a ph. of 5.5 which is good. Skin has a natural acidity between 4.5-5.5. Some people use cleansers that strip their skin, causing an imbalance of the skin’s ph, which leads to all sorts of skin disorders from flared skin, eczema etc. In such cases, by using a toner that is not too acidic it helps bring your skin back to it natural level preventing any conditions.  This is a brief explanation of skin ph. l will post more in depth information in the coming weeks.


It has a trace amount of alcohol in it. This is a con because some skin types cannot tolerate alcohol; even if it’s an insignificant amount

It has some parabens in it to preserve the formula.

The ingredient list is overwhelming.

The product does exactly what it claims to do and I cannot be mad at that. However, if you have any personal issues with using alcohol toners I understand why you may want to pass on this. But for those that don’t, this is a must try.



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