Cleansing is the first step in any at home skincare routine.  It is the removal of dirt, debris, pollution and makeup from the surface of the skin; leaving skin prepped and refreshed.  It involves the use of the appropriate cleanser and water to rinse off. I would recommend using a cleanser daily twice a day instead of soap. Most soaps can be drying, offsets the skins ph balance and in turn can cause skin conditions like acne etc.

Benefits of cleanser

  • It removes dirt from the skin

  • Cleanser can include ingredients that can help fight certain skin conditions i.e. salicylic acid in cleansers can be great for acne.

  • it softens the skin increases penetration of ingredients

 Types of cleanser

Cleansers may be in gel, cream or foam cleanser, these types can be used by people of colour.


They are usually (not always) foaming cleanser and a formulated to reduce oil in the skin. It caters to the people with really oily skin. I am usually very cautious about recommending this type of cleanser because it can leave certain skin types feeling dry. This can stimulate overproduction of oil in the skin and cause acne.


It is water in oil emulsion. They are really great for dry, mature and sensitive skin. They are formulated with a lot of soothing ingredients that address certain skin concerns.  As stated earlier, it is having more oil compared to other cleansers but oil dissolves oil.


This type of cleanser comes out of the dispenser as a foam. There is no need to work it into a lather. It can be formulated to suit any type of skin


This is my favorite type of cleanser. It comes either in a solid balm or liquefied oil form. It is great for taking of make up or as the first step of cleansing leaving your skin softer and nourished. Oil cleansers take make up off much more effectively than baby wipes without stripping your skin. I must say not oil cleanser are created equal make sure to look at the Ingredients because some oil cleanser may have mineral oil in them and this may work for some skin types while it causes irritation in others.

How to cleanse  

My preferred method of cleansing my skin or a client’s skin is the double cleansing method. 

First Cleanse, using an oil / balm cleanser massaging it on your face and neck. Add a little water on your palm and massage it on your face. This cleanser will turn into a milky substance (emulsify). Then use a warm cloth cleanser and gently wipe of the cleanser from the skin.

Second cleanse, depending on the condition of your skin you would use the appropriate type of cleanser on your skin then cleanse.

In the AM, because you have taken off all the dirt and makeup, all you need to do is a single cleanse.

Other treatments and moisturizer follows.


Having a good cleansing routine and using the appropriate cleanser is the foundation to having clear and healthy skin. Think about it this way, you wouldn’t paint on a canvas with debris and dirt on it; the artwork would look dirty, rough and sometimes unclear to the audience.


I hope this was helpful. Please if you have any  questions about cleansing or a skincare related question, I would love to hear from you. Have a great weekend.






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