Before I became an Aesthetician, I didn’t understand a lot about skincare ingredients. I would walk into a store, either a sales person would pitch the great benefits of this innovative product that would transform my skin the instant it touches my face or I would fall for the beautiful packaging, smell and the promise on the pack. Thank God for knowledge! It is very important to know what ingredients are and what they can do to your skin that way you can eliminate as much as possible any irritation, damage or discomfort to your skin.  I figured I put together a list of products that you generally come across when shopping for skincare. You don’t have to cram them like your about to take an exam but it is good to have a fair knowledge of what may work for your skin so you can make an educated choice.


AHAs/BHAs –These are chemical exfoliators like Glycolic, lactic, malic, citric and tartaric. Salicylic is a BHA and it is not as strong as AHA. These chemical exfoliatant loosens the bond between cells in the outer layer of the skin(epidermis)

BENZYL PEROXIDE – A drying ingredient with antibacterial properties used for acne or blemishes.


ALCOHOL-it is used as an antiseptic in lotions and astringents. When people see alcohol in the list the automatically think it is drying however there are many types of alcohol not all are drying and it depends on the quantity of alcohol in the product.

COLLAGEN – it plumps the surface of the skin to prevent water loss.

ESSENTIAL OILS – Oils derived from plants and herbs, they have many different components and effects on the skin.

 GLYCERIN- Glycerin is a fantastic skin softener and humectant (retains moisture) as well as a very strong water binder

PARABENS – One of the most commonly used groups of preservatives in the cosmetic and food industry. Parabens are supposed to provide antibacterial and antifungal activity against a diverse number of organisms. There are health debates on paraben as to whether they accumulate in the body and disrupt the hormones. I usually prefer to err on the side of caution and use products that state that they are paraben free as much as possible and I recommend you do the same.

PETROLEUM JELLY- It is an occlusive agent that protects the barrier layer by holding in water. It is used after laser treatments for healing or even in my treatment room during eyebrow and lash tints.

SULFUR- it reduces oil gland activity and dissolves the skins surface layer of dry skin cells. This is commonly used in acne products.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE- An inorganic sunscreen that reflects UVA and UVB. It remains on the skin surface, basically scattering UV radiation. Used in sunscreen and cosmetics and it also used to give cosmetics its white color.

ZINC OXIDE – Sunscreen the reflects UVA and UVB and it is also used to soothe, heal and protect the is obtained from zinc ore and it is non allergic

VITAMINS – They are organic and essential nutrients. Examples are vitamin, A, B, C, C AND K. Everything have their own benefits to the skin.

PEPTIDES -it is an anti-aging ingredient. They are amino acids that stimulate cell metabolism and improves firmness.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL- A hydrating ingredients often used in dry or sensitive skin moisturizers

LIPIDS- are fat like substances that improves hydration and barrier function of the skin

I hope this brings you some value to you and I plan on posting more ingredients in part 2 in a couple weeks. Please leave a comment and if you have a question about any ingredient that is not on the list and I will do my best to answer them. Have a great week.


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