September 08, 2016


In this post , I wanted to continue where I  left of in Part 1. In case you missed that post you can click here for that information.  As mentioned previously, this is meant to help you understand what ingredients are in the products you apply on your skin and hopefully help you prevent any irritation or negative impact to your skin.


CERAMIDES-  are natural moisturizing factor; products help lipid replacement and combat dryness, aging and dehydration

RETINOIC ACID- A vitamin A derivative  it is used to treat acne and visible signs of aging .

METHYLPARABEN- most common and oldest preservative used to combat bacteria and mold. It is non comedogenic  and could irritate the skin. Click here to read more on parabens. 

MINERAL OIL- it is a clear emollient substance derived from petroleum . There is a lot of debate around using products with mineral oil in it because some  believe it clogs pores and could lead to breakouts while others have no problem with it at all. My advice is to stay clear of mineral oil in products just to be on the safe side.

QUATERNIUM 15 -  This is a preservative put in products to fight against bacteria, mold and yeast.  This ingredients is probably the greatest formaldehyde releaser amongst all preservatives and it may cause dermatitis and allergies. 

SODIUM BICARBONATE- it is baking soda . It is essentially a ph. adjuster.

SORBITOL- It absorbs moisture from the air to prevent skin dryness. In dry climates , if the skin moisture content is greater than the atmosphere, humectant like sorbitol will draw moisture out of the skin.

 UREA-  it  helps the penetration abilities of other substances joined with it. It is anti inflammatory and an antiseptic

SALICYLIC ACID- It is a beta Hydroxy Acid(BHA) with exfoliating and antiseptic qualities .

POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE- alkali used in soaps and creams

ALUM- made from aluminum, Potassium or ammonium sulfate . It acts as an astringent ,it  is stimulating , good for oily skin and also stops bleeding. 


Please leave let me know if there is a product you would personally like to know more about , I would love to  help you . Have a blessed day. 


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