We all want to age gracefully; it is really determined by genetics and how we take care of our skin as we pass through phases in life. In summary as skin ages elastin fibers become stretched out due to facial movement and gravity constantly pulling down the skin and body. Over time, sun damage also takes a toll on these fibers ,resulting in elastosis which is failure of the skin to return to its original form.
There is intrinsic skin aging which is aging that occurs naturally and extrinsic aging , caused by is caused by environmental factors. Below are a few detailed causes of aging but for today we will delve into a couple key causes. They are

• Loss of antioxidants, collagen , elastin and barrier function
• DNA breakdown
• Increase in AGE
• Increase in inflammation
• Volume loss and extracellular matrix breakdown
• Decrease in cell to cell communication
• ATP energy deficiencies

Each of cause are extensive topics of their own and you would need hours to cover them. For today, we will start with loss of antioxidants, collagen and elastin.

Loss of antioxidants
The loss of antioxidants is a natural process that occurs as we age. Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals, iinterupting the inflammation cascade. Therefore antioxidants quench free radicals from causing damage to the cells.
Antioxidants like ,L-Glutathione and super oxide dimustase, are antioxidants found in our body and they protect the body from damage. The best plan of action against the loss of antioxidants is to increase antioxidants in our body through the food we eat or what we apply topically .
When we mention free radicals, we are referring to the following :

Pollutants from the environment is key
Ozone depletion
Processed foods
Consumption of sugars /carbohydrates
As mentioned earlier, what we eat and what we apply on our skin is very important to skin health so its important to have the following antioxidant in your daily routine to combat loss.Examples of antioxidants are

Vitamin C : fruits and vegetables
Vitamin E: nut, seeds and leafy greens
Green Tea
Reveratrol and many more

Collagen and elastin are bith protein based fiber chains present in the dermis. Collagen is responsible fir skin firmness and elastin is responsible for the skjns ability to stretch and return to its original form. From our twenties, loss of collagen reduces by 1% every year. Decrease in hormones levels impact collagen and elastin strength.

How this affects the skin
• Slows down the cellular level turnover process.
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Inability to support the epidermis decreases.

What you can apply or ingest to support?

Vitamin A: Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A. It improves sun induced wrinkles and pigmentation, decreases inflammation, speeds up collagen productionand antibacterial.

Peptides: they are amino acid , they are linked together in a chain to form a specific grouping. The minimize wrinkles by sending signals to the collagen to induce production of more proteins; which helps to build collagen and elastin. The also send signals to increase fibroblast stimulation. By doing the latter , they increase firmness, tone and diminish lines.

Amino Acids : proteins are chains of amino acid molecules that are used by every cell of the body to make other usable proteins. Proteins are needed to make tissue , blood and enzymes as well as the immune system in making antibodies.

Vitamin C : an antioxidant that supports the ability to create collagen and elastin.

Hope this was helpful? If you have any questions concerning the post or would love recommendations on antioxidants, etc to use; please leave a comment below. Have a great day.





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