Everyone is born with their skin type, which is determined by genetics and ethnicity. As time goes on, skin types can change based on internal or external factors. An individual’s skin type is based primarily on how much oil is produced in the follicles and the number of lipids found between the cells. Generally, an individual skin becomes drier over time. Our cellular metabolism and oil/lipid production slow down as we age.


Dry skin does not produce enough oil. The follicles are usually small and the sebum is minimal. If you can barely see your follicles or they are small, this indicates a dry skin type. The natural oil secretion from our follicles help protect us from environmental damage and aging; dry skin needs extra care because it lacks this normal protection.

Dry skin can be more sensitive because the acid mantle and barrier function are not as healthy due to the lack of lipids. You may notice your skin texture will look slightly rough and feel tight. The key to taking care of dry skin is stimulating oil production and protecting the surface of the skin. The use of thick products will help hold in moisture and protect the skins barrier layer, which fights dryness.


Overall the years, I have come across a lot of clients who think they have dry skin and by the end of the consultation we discover that they are in fact dehydrated.  Dehydration of the skin is a condition that can occur to all skin types including dry skin the key is the ability to recognize the characteristics and addressing it.

Dehydrated skin can look thin or flaky and can feel tight and dry. It absorbs products quickly and looks almost like crepe paper. Dehydration can be caused by an external or internal factors like alcohol, sun, medication and inadequate water intake.

Drinking plenty of water, using humectant, moisturizers and hydrating at home treatments like masks, sheet mask can really help reduce the negative effects of both dry and dehydrated skin.



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