As the weather slowly turns from warm to cold, I have to make some tweaks. Most of these I use year round but some are crucial during the drier months.

Cerave healing ointment with ceramides: Cerave is one of my favorite drugstore brand. I have shared a few faves over the years. I received a complimentary tube of this item at a conference two years ago at the skin of color conference and I have loved it ever since. Just think of it as a better formulated vaseline. P.S I don't use this on my face. I use this on my feet or dry areas on my skin that may need additional attention.
( shared a full review below )

L'OCCITANE hand cream: Hands down the best hand cream I have used. I have used this cream for as long as I can remember ( about 8years). My hands takes a beating from giving back to back facials especially during the winter. This cream literally saves my hands, nothing else. (Review below)

Rhonda Allison grapeseed oil: I love face oils. This is a staple on my bathroom counter and it is used often in the winter. It calms chafed and dry skin that can occur in the winter. I use it in the PM after cleansing and treating. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin supple. (Review below and on the blog)

Sanitas Active body wash: Exfoliation is still important during the cooler months. The key is what and how often. With this body wash, I get an effective yet gentle exfoliation without stripping my skin.

ENVIRON BODY enhanced body oil:
As mentioned above, I love oils. On my face and my body. I can't get enough of this literally. I alternate with the Sanitas milk and honey body cream and they both nourish my skin and keep the ashiness away.

HEEL rescue superior moisturizing
foot cream ( with Argan oil & CoQ10) : speaking of ashiness, this is my foot treatment that I cannot do without. Once covid hit early this year, I obviously couldn't get pedicures so I discovered this gem in the grocery store. I use this more as a treatment. I scrub, apply and wear comfy socks. In the AM, my feet look lovely.

TIZO AM REPLENISH SPF 40 TINTED (With Ceramide and antioxidants)
All Tizo sunscreens are really good anytime of the day. However during the fall season, I like switch to the Tizo AM REPLENISH sunscreen with ceramides to protect/repair my barrier function and added moisture. It's a beautiful formula ( review on below and on website)

There you have it ! These are a few items I cannot do without during the fall. What is yours? Comment below ⬇️

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