When addressing sensitive skin, there are two primary goals. The first goal is to calm the skin, the second is to increase the skins barrier function. In general people with sensitive skin should avoid over stimulating their skin, using drying products and applying too much heat to the skin. When picking products, try to avoid ingredients that could cause more irritation like essential oils, fragrances, preservatives and color agents.

Home care product should be customized to suit the individuals sensitive skin but there is no guarantee that it would not irritate the skin.



·         A gentle milk cleanser is the best type of cleanser. Foaming, detergent based cleansers can strip the skin. If you are not a fan of milk cleanser there are some low ph. Cleanser formulated for sensitive skin that may work.

·         When cleansing your skin, use less warm water not hot water.

·         A gentle exfoliant formulated for sensitive skin can be used once a week at the most.

·         I usually recommend that people with sensitive skin have a soothing mask in their arsenal for days when the skin needs to be calmed down.

·         Preferably a serum and moisturizer with lipids is great for treating sensitive skin. Alternatively, any moisturizer with calming ingredients will work.

·         Finally, always use your SPF in the AM. Thus, would protect your skin from harmful rays and further irritation.


Please leave a comment or question about any of the steps mentioned and I will be sure to answer to the best of my ability.

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