Welcome to Krème chats. This part of the blog I will chat with different interesting people about the role skincare plays in their lives. During our conversations , we hope to find out about the how , what and when of skincare  .

As an esthetician, you encounter different people , with different skin types and conditions. During the course of their treatment, you have conversations about how they are taking care of their skin and how their lifestyles influence their journey with skincare. I learned a lot from these candid conversations and have been inspired to try new products or techniques for my skin.  I realize that my daily schedule and my obsession with skincare may not be the same as the next so I was inspired to start up this series.

My desire is that as you read through the series that you can relate to someone’s skincare journey or learn about the uniqueness of other's. Secondly, I hope that we can all learn from each other on how to take care of our skin. Finally, I want to inspire you to want to achieve healthier skin and put your skin first


First we have Folu Storms :)


Folu Storms (Folu Ogunkeye) is an actor, media /entertainment personality and founder of organic skincare line “Ours by Julia”. Prior to chatting with Folu Storms I had only seen her on Ndani TV where she host a variety of shows for the online channel. She seemed really down to earth, relatable and interesting. When we finally had the opportunity to chat, I was not disappointed because she was all of the above and more. She was a breeze to chat with and I loved her confidence. She is what I would describe as the modern African woman, and she took time off her busy schedule to gist with me about skincare. Thanks Folu Storms.

Take me through your day, what is your skincare routine like in the morning and before bed?

I keep it really simple, whatever I use on my face I can use on my body unless I want to exfoliate. Bathe with black soap on my body and face but when I do need to exfoliate I would use baking soda. I know some people freak out about it but I don't use it more than three times a week and when my skin looks clogged. Rinse the exfoliant off, next Apple cider vinegar diluted with water on a cotton pad as my toner. I use it every day and it works well for me. I tend to use more natural products or simple household ingredient so if there is a reaction it makes it easier to identify. Then I moisturize either using one of the ‘Ours by Julia’ body butters made from Shea butter, or coconut oil for the days I feel a little greasy At night, I use wipes to take off any dirt and make up then apply Apple cider vinegar.

What is your skin type?

I would say I am probably oily/combination skin type.

What is your "can't live without skincare product “at the moment?

Apple cider vinegar, I use it morning and at night. I have been consistent with it for the past year and I must say that when I go off of it or I forget to use it there is a big difference in my skin.

How important is skincare to you?

Oh! Even if I like to keep it simple, skincare is quite important to me. Being an African person our skin has been an object of concern and it’s important for me to show your skin is a beautiful thing you don't have to alter your skin just take care of it or love it. 

What is the importance of Skincare in your career?

In entertainment and media, skincare is very important. I got into entertainment industry primarily to project a positive African aesthetic as well as to export African culture to people all over the world. Secondly, dealing with makeup artist your makeup doesn't sit right if your skin isn't right. When we see  celebrities and think "oh I wonder what make up they use " it's not about the makeup or  makeup artist, they actually take care of their skin. So even if you don't have a good makeup artist your skin will do a lot of the work for you.

Being a media personality, is there any pressure or expectation on skincare/beauty?

There is a lot of pressure on everyone to look a certain way or to do what's cool because this person is successful because they look a certain way, and that includes beauty. The perception of what is beautiful especially with black women dealing with what their hair looks like or their skin tone with some makeup artist trying to make you look lighter. I don't really feel that pressure comes from the industry in my opinion I think most people put that pressure on themselves.

Do you have any skin conditions, and what do you do to manage it?

It depends on the time of the month. I have one spot on my forehead that I call Aunty Agatha (*laughs*). Typically one or two in the middle of my forehead. Also I wear glasses so along the sides of my glasses I would break out and my theory is I probably do not wipe down that area properly because it's around my hairline.

Skincare tip for our Kreme readers?

Make sure you cleanse. Keep it clean.

What is beauty?

Beauty is confidence.  I first heard that years ago from ‘Jenny from the block’. Shout out Jlo (Jennifer Lopez)!  I just rolled my eyes thinking, “yeah when you have a body like that how wouldn't you think that you can be confident and be fine”. But getting older, I just realized the more comfortable you are in your space, your hair, your lane and your skin the more attractive you begin to appear to others. Yesterday was the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards , didn't have an outfit , was not really stressed about it and I thought “bad as e bad I will not go. I am not a nominee”. I eventually went to do some work and I bumped into a camera man who I had worked with when I first got into entertainment for MTV and he said "you’re just looking so fine nowadays. I don’t know what is happening but you’re just looking so fine"(*in an Igbo accent. Laughs*). I laughed, but I think it's because I have become more comfortable with who I am and not in a rush to be somebody else.

Whose beauty inspires you?

I can't think of just one person. Like I said, to me confidence is a very beautiful thing and I have met a lot of women who have inspired me in a lot of things that I do. So from that perspective there are a  bunch of women to mention . The first person I will say is Wana Wana.  She is a radio personality and peer. She was the first woman I dealt with in entertainment industry because I started off in radio as my first full time job and Wana has been my home. She is the most inspirational person I know, she always has a positive word to share that picks you up. I think she is gorgeous, her style is banging and she is a big beauty inspiration for me. Rita Dominic – never officially met her. She is always smiling and I think that [is] a big thing because it's a big part of being beautiful and don't think enough entertainers realize. She looks happy, people are attracted to that and admire it. Titi Sonugua  I worked with her and she is  beautiful  both inside and out. The way she speaks and projects herself it's beautiful to me.


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