One day I came across Abbyke Domina's Instagram page and it immediately caught my attention. I found her designs captivating, once you start scrolling you just can't stop. I would describe it as easy to wear, classics with a twist. As usual, my curiosity peaked and had to know a little about the lady behind the brand. I was glad she accepted to share her fashion tips and skincare routine with us. Thank Abbyke Domina for your kindness. 

Please could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Abbyke Domina Is A Celebrity Fashion Designer, Stylist, Entrepreneur, & Publisher.

Why fashion?

I Chose Fun fashion related questions because it has always been part of me and my way of life all along my growing up. I wanted to look my best, and most times I succeeded looking my best among my peers.

How important is skin care to you ?
Skin Care is very important to me because I know the extra miles I go taking care of myself, I follow majority, if not all, but routines my skin deserves.

Take me through your skincare routine AM and PM

My Skin Routine in the morning, first thing I do is wash my face with morning burst skin brightening wash (Clean &Clear) and wipe with my face towel, because usually I do not like to use same towel I use for my face, as my body.
Then at night I make sure I wash my face before bed, and after then use my face toner and moisturizer. Then I'm good to go to bed.

Do you use SPF?

Yes, I Use SPF, but not most of the time, that's why I usually purchase skin products that comes with SPF.

What is the best skincare advice you have received
The Best Skin advice have received is never use a harsh product on my skin.

If you could create a skincare product what will it be and what will the benefits be?
If I have to create a skin product it will have to be a face cream, I believe one’s face is the most important part of the skin, because that's the first thing anyone will notice aside any part of the body. The benefit will be for it to make the face glow and shine.

What is your current can't live without skincare product (if you had to run out of a burning building what product would you pick)?
If I have to take one products away even in a burning building, that will have to be my face cream.

Now for a few fashion related questions
What is your favorite colour and worst color to wear

My favorite color To Wear will have to be white, you see me most definitely wearing white and worst color will have to be red.
Who is your style icon?

I will always say this, I remain my own style icon, even though I admire other people.

The designers that never disappoint
I Love Zara Basically, there's just something about that brand you will always want to purchase from, I love Desola Sagoe too.

The up-and-coming designers I'm most excited about are….
I love good vibes and when I see one I get excited, basically I'm not particular about any upcoming designer for now, because I see majority are coming up with good vibes, I might as well say it's just hard to pick.

I will always be excited to work in fashion because…
There's always something new to share, design, and wear.

Which African woman embodies African beauty to you to you?
Hmmmmm! Can't really say, I might as well say every woman has that African in her that will make you smile.

If  you could advice your 18-year-old self, what would you say?

I will just have to go on and say, Happiness is free, keep calm live life step by step the way it directs you, and everything else will fall into place.

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