Welcome to Krème chats. This part of the blog I will chat with different interesting people about the role skincare plays in their lives. During our conversations , we hope to find out about the how , what and when of skincare  .

As an esthetician, you encounter different people , with different skin types and conditions. During the course of their treatment, you have conversations about how they are taking care of their skin and how their lifestyles influence their journey with skincare. I learned a lot from these candid conversations and have been inspired to try new products or techniques for my skin.  I realize that my daily schedule and my obsession with skincare may not be the same as the next so I was inspired to start up this series.

My desire is that as you read through the series that you can relate to someone’s skincare journey or learn about the uniqueness of other's. Secondly, I hope that we can all learn from each other on how to take care of our skin. Finally, I want to inspire you to want to achieve healthier skin and put your skin first.


Amina Suleiman is a talented self taught Makeup Artist and beauty Educator. She is a beautiful Fulani woman , based in Abuja , Nigeria where her new makeup studio called the Beat hive is scheduled to launch the last quarter of the year . I got the opportunity to speak to her about skincare from a makeup artist perspective. Prior to this interview I have never met Amina  , however when we started talking it seemed like I had known her for years , like we were girlfriends catching up over brunch; it was so much fun.  thanks Amina.


How important is skincare as a make up artist ?

It is a primary requirement to work on someone with great skin. You use less make up and in my opinion less is more. Most makeup artists will advise their clients on steps or routines to get better skin.  I am bridal makeup artist primarily and when they come in for consultation and trials I advise them on steps to take to have clear skin on the wedding day so their makeup would be flawless.

What life style choice affects your skin positively?

I have clear skin which I think is predominately genetics because most people in family have clear skin but even with good genes, you still have to take care of your skin because there are different factors that can affect your skin, like climate, food we eat, etc. impacts how it looks and feels. I do facial scrubs at home, I watch what I eat, I avoid fatty foods like butter, I drink lots of water, eat right and lots of protein.

A lot of Nigerian these days are of the thought that using creams is what gives you healthy skin and I don’t really think so. I think taking care of yourself from the inside out is what gives you glowing skin.

What is your skin type?

I have oily skin.

Take me through your AM and PM skincare routine.


On an average day I don’t do much to my skin, drinking lots of water is my primary rule. After my shower, use my body cream, I don’t use anything specific on my face. I use my makeup stuff like studio fix to refresh and revamp my skin, make up forever HD primer to mattify my skin so I don’t have to worry about it being oily.


I never go to bed with my makeup. I always clean it off. I wash my face and twice a week I use a scrub. I know some people use make up wipes but every skin type is different. Using a lot of makeup wipes can lead to dry skin over time. I would recommend using a cloth called the make-up eraser. It is supposed to take off all you make up off in just one swipe, it is a natural and better alternative to using wipes. My skincare treatments are more weekly than daily. On Saturdays I mix my homemade facial mask. I do brown sugar scrubs, I exfoliate with honey, I also use avocado and a variety of fresh foods that compliment my skin. Personally I prefer homemade exfoliating mask to the store bought mask because it has less chemicals and more of what you need for your skin.

I use a lot of Elizabeth Arden products because they work for me. After using my home made mask, I cleanse my face with the Elizabeth Arden cleanser and water. For me the weekly routines work better on my skin but there are some other skin types that may need more. There are people with acneic skin and serious conditions; in that case you should see a dermatologist. For instance, I have a friend who had serious skin issues and I have advised her to see a dermatologist for a consultation because no matter what product she tried it got worse. Eventually she went to a dermatologist and found out her persistent acne was due to hormonal imbalance. She was given prescription and since she started using it her skin has been better.

What is society perception of healthy skin?

Nigerians think good skin is being fair and that is far from the truth. I think more people need to be informed about skincare and its conditions. We also like to copy what others do instead of figuring out what products work for their skin type

What type of skin condition do you encounter the most as a make up artist?

80 percent of the brides I work with have really oily, acne, hyperpigmentation and   blemished skin.

Do they have high expectations?

Yeah some clients think makeup artist are magicians. I have a client who almost scarred herself on her nose and she couldn’t be bothered. She just knew I would do her make up before the wedding and it will go away. And if you don’t cover scars and marks they would ask why it is still there.

What is ONE skincare product you can’t live without?

Everything is essential to me. Oh my goodness, I cannot live without my shea butter. Shea butter is body magic as far as I am concerned. Most of the great skincare products I know have shea butter in it; it can be used for everything. It moisturizes, it hydrates, it fades blemishes over time. It is body magic.

What ONE make up product can’t you live without?

This is the worst question you can ask a makeup artist; one thing, are you kidding me?!! OMG! If I say three items really quick does that count as one? (laughs) My brow liner, mascara and lip gloss. But if I had to bring it down to one I would say eyebrow liner because brows are everything; they frame your face. My Anastasia Beverly hills brow pomade to be precise.

Skincare products you're loving at the moment?

Shea moisture skincare products and this oil called Jabyl oil. it’s found in Saudi Arabia and Dubai and it is even better than coconut oil. It is used on hair and skin. It can be used for hot oil treatment, for hair breakage for all hair types, but it’s hard to come by.

What is one skincare tip to give the Krème readers?

Water. I cannot overstate how positively water can affect your skin, people take it for granted.

What is beauty?

Good skin is what I think of when I hear the word beauty. For me the first thing I see is the skin. Before I see her other features I see her skin and I think she is beautiful. Good skin is beautiful.

Whose beauty inspires you?

Halle berry is beautiful; she has amazing skin. Also I have this friend Rukaiya, she has awesome skin. She is beautiful. I think skin is the real make up because even if you don’t have anything on your face when you have great skin you look beautiful.



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