Krème Chats with bride Aramide Ogundipe, whose wedding was on July 15th 2017. Besides her unique, beautiful silver dress by April by Kunbi on her gorgeous melanin skin, I was caught by her intoxicating joy on her special day. Literally every image I saw of her, she had a huge smile on her face, and she looked like she was having a blast. Thank you so much Aramide for sharing your special day with me. 

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Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Aramide Ogundipe. I work with Access Bank, as a software manager, and I think you can say I am a workaholic (laughs) Let's start with preparation

How much time elapsed between your engagement and your wedding? it was a little over six months. We got engaged on the 18th of December 2016, and our wedding was 15th of July 2017.

Wow! that’s a relatively short time. And you got all that done?

Surprisingly we only started planning the wedding early April (laughs)

How stressful was the process?

I wasn’t stressed out. I kept telling myself, “I will not be stressed out”, and I refused to be a bridezella.

What was your skincare routine before engagement?

I have had the same routine for the past eight years or longer. I use the Clinique three step routine; The cleanser, toner and facial gel. I used the same products leading up to the wedding. Sometime around February, I ran out of the cleanser and I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I was given a really good alternative which was a Clarins facial wash. The assistants at the beauty store assured me I wouldn’t see a difference because they were the same ingredients, and they were right.


Breakdown of skincare routine

Cleanse – I wash my face with the Clinique cleanser in the AM and PM. Sometimes I apply the cleanser and allow it penetrate my skin for 5 mins.



I use my moisturizer in the AM, and it has SPF in it so I don’t need additional SPF.
So back to your beautiful day… who designed your unique wedding gown?

April by Kunbi. I knew I did not want two dresses, so I told her I wanted a two-in-one dress. I wanted the ability to take off the skirt and have a straight look for the reception, that looked a little different but nice.

Now the colour choice (silver) I love!! What inspired it?

I love white; most of my clothes are white. But with my dark complexion, I felt the contrast would be too sharp. Years ago, even before I met my husband, my friends and I went into a dress shop in Boston and we were trying on dresses. The dresses I tried on looked great on me, but I sort of knew then I wouldn’t wear a white dress for my wedding. So, when it got closer to my wedding, I started thinking of a color, and I thought silver because it is calm, not too loud, and most importantly it would go well with my skin.

When I met April by Kunbi, we discussed style, fit, and when it came to colour I mentioned I wanted silver. Coincidentally, she was wearing a lovely silver slipper so she asked me if I like that shade of silver and I said yes; it was the perfect shade of silver. It took over two months for her to get the fabric, but when it came, I was so happy. 

Most memorable moment of your day…

The most memorable moment of my day is a tie between our first dance and the surprise performance from Timi Dakolo.

The first dance was so significant to me because my husband is not very emotional, but when we had our first dance I could tell it got to him and he teared up a little bit; I was shocked (laughs). So, I am obsessed with having twins, so while we were dancing he kept whispering in my ear “twins right” (laughs) and I said Yes! (laughs) I think that was it for me.

After our first dance, as we walked back to our seat, the MC called us back and said we have a surprise for you. The next thing I know, Timi Dakolo came out from God knows where and started singing ‘Iyawo Mi’.
Who organized the surprise?

Our wedding coordinator Banky Sue events surprised us. The funny thing is we never even discussed if I wanted a performer, favorite song, or anything. I turned to my husband and said “Babe is this you?” He said no. Then we kept wondering who it was. The expression on my face was priceless. (laughs)

What song did you have your first dance to, and why did you choose that song?

For the first dance, we actually danced to two songs, one chosen by my husband and I chose the second song. My husband and I like to joke that we are from two different generations because of the age difference between us. He liked Kenny Latimore “With you” because he felt it captured the essence of our relationship. I thought it was a nice song, but was a little too old and did not do it for me. But he insisted, so we agreed.

I had always loved the second song which was ‘Why I love You’ by Major. I loved the lyrics; it expressed the way I feel about him, and I thought he would feel the same. I decided not to mention to him that I had chosen a second song, and I asked the DJ to play it as the second song. Surprisingly, while they were playing my song, he got emotional (laughs)
Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Not gone on our honeymoon yet. We are still trying to decide where we want to go, but my options are Rome, France (not Paris though), or Thailand.

Having been a bride, what skincare tips can you share to the newly engaged, or brides-to-be?

For skincare tips, try not to change products too much. I know a lot of Nigerians are not patient with products, and they tend to swap when they are not getting instant results. You have to use skincare products for a while before you can see results. I used to be impatient with skincare products in the past until I saw a Clinique ad while living in South Africa. It was so relatable, and since then I have not switched products. Stick to your routine, drink a lot of water, and try not to get stressed. Stress causes breakouts for some people, so try to stay calm.

Looking back now if you could share one wedding day advice to our soon to be Brides, what would it be?

Do not stress. Whenever you feel it coming on, just look at your fiancé, look at how he is trying to make you happy and let that remind you of the real reason of the day; him.


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BankySue events you were amazing

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