Jessica Oyeneyin also known as Chef Jess, is a Paris based private chef.  I fell in love with her beautiful presentation of Nigerian cuisine via Instagram, and her passion shows through her work. The one thing I have learnt from Chef Jess is how hardworking and driven she is; it is inspiring to say the least and she makes me want to push a little more each day. Thanks Chef Jess for your time.

Q: Give me a brief background of your journey to becoming a chef 

A: I had an indirect path to becoming a Chef. Whilst attending university I studied Philosophy but my heart and passion was in cooking. At an early age, I knew I had a talent and love for cooking, and whilst living in Nigeria I was unsure if it would make a great career choice. My decision to leave Lagos and come live in Paris re-awakened what was once lost. In this beautiful, forward looking  cosmopolitan city I rediscover my true passion. The fact that I could make a living and a career doing what I passionately enjoy was very liberating.

 Q: How important is skin care to you

A: The skin being the largest human organ, and I dare say the most delicate, needs constant TLC to breathe easy and glow. My mantra to having a perfectly healthy glowing skin is first to start from the inside out, hence, a steady daily dose of a good balanced diet is key. Secondly, body moisturisers containing dangerous harmful chemicals must be avoided. Whatever is applied to the surface of the skin is absorbed and eventually finds its way into our bloodstreams, which later poses all sorts of health problems down the line. Moisturisers rich in natural extracts and antioxidants is the holy grail to defending the skin from oxidative damage from the atmosphere at cellular level. 

 Q: What is your skin type 

A: It's a combination skin. Usually, oily in my T-Zone and normal to dry elsewhere. 

 Q: Have you ever had problem skin?

A: I am lucky I have a near perfect skin with no breakages nor flaking. 

 Q: Being a chef, you are always around heat, smoke and oil . By the end of the day , your skin is left a little sticky what is your AM routine and your PM routine. 

A: I would be telling you porkies if I told you I have a routine as I don't have one. Shall I say I am lucky as my skin has a porcelain/teflon feel to it, so a simple shower, and the occasional bubble bath, does the magic. No rituals, no shenanigans..ha ha, just my trusted L'Occitane skin care range is all this "old gorgeous bird skin" needs to comeback to life. 

 Q: Do you use SPF? If yes what brand 

A: Occasionally, I do and it's the pocket-sized L'Occitane Angelica UV Shield SPF 40. It's light and non-greasy, and provides an excellent base for make up 

 Q: Paris is known for having amazing skin care products and a plethora of pharmacies/beauty stores , which is your favorite 

A: L'Occitane got me...

 Q: Favorite french skin care brand

A: L'Occitane

 Q: Olive oil research has shown a relationship between eating olive oil and anti ageing.  They claim the fatty acids in olives and antioxidant found in it are responsible for this benefit. Can you tell me what meal you would make that would showcase this ingredient and taste yummy? 

A: A winner any day would be a Spaghetti meal garnished with chopped garlic, an ample amount of chopped green & black olives, a tablespoon of red pepper flakes, chopped fresh parsley, basil leaves, a tablespoon of chopped fresh mint leaves and a half cup of organic extra-virgin olive oil. The outcome a hearty meal that warms every senses.


 Q: Dark chocolate is a delicious and great for health and skin . cocoa flavanols and plants  with antioxidant properties are found in it  which help hydrate skin and improve circulation. What yummy dessert /meal would you make with this ingredient

A: My all time favourite is the Dark Choc-peanut fondant with chocolate soil dust and cherries topping and for that serious wow factor serve alongside a melting dark chocolate middle pud. 

 Q: The most treasured item /tool in your kitchen 

A: It's the ubiquitous dishwasher! The best gadget ever invented for the kitchen. After exhausting long hours cooking in the kitchen the thought of washing dishes by hand can be paralysing. I have to admit I am one those people that thinks a dishwasher is a miracle.  

 Q: If you had an extra hour in a day what would you do

A: Read a motivational book or listen to an audio book of Anthony Robbins & others. 

 Q: Never be caught dead eating 

A: Cheese. I have Turophobia, the fear of cheese!  

 Q: Beauty is...... 

A: To me beauty is only a measure of quality of character.

 Q: Whose beauty inspires you ? 

A: My Mother. 

 Q: Skincare tips to readers 

A: I eat a lot avocado, it's really good for your skin. And i drink water like it's going out of fashion. Lol ! 

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