Five months ago, I was up late looking through YouTube videos, and I stumbled across a video on Ebonylife TV titled :Young and Hungry".  I clicked on it, and as the interview started I saw a young lady with gorgeous skin and beautiful afro hair. As the interview proceeded, I was impressed with this lady called Chelsea Monye. She was intelligent, poised, well spoken and she was just 18 and the founder of Esquire Network. Wow! I immediately reached out to her, not just to chat with her about her gorgeous skin but I wanted the opportunity to tell her that she gave me hope as a mother of two black girls that people like her exist to be positive role models. Thank you Chelsea Monye for speaking with me. The sky is just the beginning.  

 What is your skin type?

When I was 13 years old, my skin was really oily but now I have normal skin.

How important is skin care to you?

Skincare is very important. On an average day, I don’t wear makeup to University, I wear make up only on special events so it’s important for my skin to be healthy and look healthy with or without makeup. Healthy skin also gives confidence. When I was 9years old, I suffered from acne and it lasted about 3 years. I tried everything possible, and nothing worked. Finally it cleared up on its own and since then I have not had any issues again. From a confidence point of view I know that having healthy skin can affect your confidence.

Do you use SPF?

Yes, I do. My daily moisturizer and foundation has SPF in it.  

Take me through your skincare routine AM and PM

In the AM

I use all Simple skincare products because it is gentle on the skin. I cleanse with Simple cleansing face wash, Simple toner and then moisturize.


I do the same routine as in the AM

What is the best skincare advice you have received?

Best skincare advice would be drink a lot of water.

What is your current can't live without skincare product (if you had to run out of a burning building, what product would you pick)?

It would be my moisturizer and my EOS lip balm (laughs)

If you could create a skincare product what will it be and what would be the benefits?

I would create a moisturizer that makes your skin glow and adjust to protect your skin based on the weather. When the weather is cold it adjusts to protect your skin, and when the weather is hot it adjusts to protect it as well.

Why did you create Esquire Network?

In the summer of 2015, the Esquire Network started as a platform created to organize events, I love planning and executing events so I wanted a network that would allow me create the events that I wanted to create. The first event we did was an open mic night with art exhibition, poetry and spoken word. Eventually the directory came out of necessity. I used to be a blogger, and I would get questions from people wanting to know who did my make up or my hair. I thought if only there was a place where these creatives could be scouted by other people in need of these services that would be quite useful, and at the same time these people could collaborate with each other, and that’s how the directory was created.

Were their times you wanted to give up, if yes what kept you going? Yeah there were times, especially when I had to joggle other priorities like school alongside. Even as I speak to you now, I feel like the network is not running well enough because I am focused on school. The main thing that keeps me going are the people who are working with me; having in the back of my mind that there are people relying on me to deliver. When I see good results, for example people I met at one my event doing work together, that makes me really happy and motivates me to go on.

If you had one super power what will it be?

Read minds (laughs)  

If you could raid one woman's closet whose would it be?

Toke Makinwa. She has really amazing style.

What is one goal you are determined to achieve in your lifetime?

To get young people to start business their own business, the more the better.

Advice to other bloggers

Just do it! Pick up a topic you are passionate about, and don’t do it for fame or the money, do it because you love it.

Beauty is...…

Beauty is the mind. It is not about the physical, it is your intellect.

Whose beauty inspires you (not a family member)?

Alicia Keys, because of her no makeup movement. I think it is inspiring, and she still looks gorgeous.

Skincare tip

Moisturize daily; morning and night.

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