October 12, 2016

Last week I posted the first Krème Chats with Expert Dr Akhere Aire CEO / Founder Aire.sthetics Part 1. He shared an overview of the cause of acne and possible treatments. Just in case you missed it click here. In part 2 we discussed  the importance of sunscreen and how to achieve healthy skin. Many thanks  Dr Aire for carving out time to share your knowledge with us .


Should people of colour use sunscreen?

Absolutely, 100%. Everybody needs to be on sunscreen young and old.

Why, and how often?

For starters people should use sunscreen as long as you are going to be exposed to ultraviolet radiation. By that I mean if you have windows in your home, or you are going to be in your car, you should apply sunscreen. If you are going to be outside, especially between the hours of 11am to 4pm, which is the most critical time, you should apply sunscreen. Now it doesn’t mean that we are not exposed to ultra violet radiation before and after these hours, we must still wear sunscreen other times as well. As long as we have spf on and actually if you can reapply every two or three hours, then you are properly protected.

Difference between physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen

Physical sunscreen tends to reflect the ultraviolet radiation that your body might be exposed to, so basically bounces off the sunscreen agent preventing the actual penetration of rays into the skin. Chemical sunscreen absorbs the rays and prevents it from transferring into the cell of the skin. We found that the physical sunscreen, because they are particles that lay on the skin, has little to no chance of an allergic reaction, while on the other hand with chemical sunscreen there are some people who have shown some reactions to it. 

In Nigeria, what is the most common skin condition you encounter?

Generally, hyperpigmentation linked to acne and  general photo damage which is caused by lack of information on general sun protection techniques or sunscreen

What is  the most common mistake women make with their skincare routine?

The most common mistake I would say is going to the lay person who claims to be a skincare specilaist and picking up whatever product that they tell you will get you  to where it needs to be. Even when you do that , they do not follow up with any proper sun protection techniques. You have people using products that are in higher concerntration than they should ever be using , the products are impure , the lack quality control and then they use them for an indefinite amount of time . For example, hydroquinone should not be used for longer than a short period of time , you find that people have been using it for 5 to 6 years .

How much water should we really drink for good skin?

Water is great for everybody to drink but they shouldn’t over load themselves with water either. The required 8 glasses includes all types of fluid .

What diet produces the best skin?

So many schools of thought on that one but I would say as long as you eat a balanced diet with all the different food groups and do not over do your fats and carbohydrates.

Most popular treatment at your clinic

It would be the depigmentation treatment or pigmentation correction. Complexion blending

Latest skincare innovations/treatment you are excited about

It something that exist but I don’t have it yet in my clinic , its called the plexar . It’s a little hand held machine that uses plasma which is another state of energy to kind of deal with acne and pigment. Its pretty new technology but its something I cant wait to get my hands on

Weirdest skincare treatment you have heard to treat acne

We have heard about people using semen on their skin, which blew my mind

One skincare tip

Regular superficial skin peels and in particular mandelic acid . Awesome stuff! It will keep you younger for longer and nice well hydrated skin .


AIRE.STHETICS is located in 6b Olawale Cole Onitiri Ave , off Admiralty Rd, Lekki phase 1. Lagos Nigeria  . phone 2349029425145.


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