Nia the light (Ginny Pettitt), is a Zimbabwean beauty with brains that wears many hats, but remains very  accessible, and a huge supporter of other women, like my self, who are up and coming in the blogging world. When I asked her about taking part in this series, she immediately accepted and was very open to me from then on. Thanks Ginny for shining your light my way. I am honored. 

 Tell Krème readers about yourself and your natural hair journey?

I used to relax my hair for 8 years until I saw a picture of myself when I was 3 with the cutest Afro ever! I questioned where it had gone and I wanted it back. I acted on impulse and big chopped the next day. Worst decision on the day but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life as it made me who I am today.

What was your inspiration when you started blogging ?

Taren Guy was a huge inspiration when I first created the @FroGirlGinny account.

Three words that describe you 

Fun, bubbly and vibrant.

Skincare, how important is it to you ?

Very important!

 Tell us about your skincare journey, when did you start taking care of your skin and why 

I used to have very back acne from 7 till 17. It made me feel so low about myself that I booked an appointment at the spa Champneys in my local town and it changed my life. I was always buying over the counter stuff which didn't work and then I invested into Elemis and that line was made with love and some other special ingredients that sure do know how to clear my skin.

Your average day, take me through your skincare routine AM and PM 

I wash my face with the Elemis Sensitive wash, tone it with the Ginger toner and moisturise with the Hydrating moisturiser. I do that twice a day!

 Do you use SPF (if yes which brand and if no why) 

Not educated on SPF products!

 Favorite skin care treatment you have received and where 

Elemis, the rehydrating facial.
What is your can’t live without skincare product (if you were in a burning building and could reach for one item what would that be) 

My Elemis set! It is heaven sent.

What is your can’t live without hair product ( same scenario as above) 
Skimdo Curl Cream!

If I had one extra hour in a day , I would …… 
Read a book and go for a walk in the jungle!

Favorite social media handle 
Hmm, @laurenlewiss_!
What is beauty to you

It is from within.

Whose beauty inspires you (a woman of colour outside our family members that you may know or not ) 

Solange Knowles

Why does  her beauty inspire you 

She isn't afraid to be herself. 

Advice to a young girl who may want to start blogging

Don't overthink it, do it out of love and passion.

 If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one word , what would that be 

Nothing! She did everything she thought was right at the time and everything I went through made me who I am today.

 Skin care advice to Krème readers

Read the articles on Krè , the site is super groovy!


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