October 29, 2017

It was an absolute delight chatting with Idia Aisien about skincare. She has a great sense of humor,honest and down to earth. Thank you so much for your time, and thanks for your tips on how to take awesome pictures; I have been practicing. Lol.

What is your skin type?
Combination skin

How important is skin care to you?
You know how people say “the eyes are a window into the soul?” Well, I feel like your skin is a reflection of how well you treat yourself, and what you are putting into your body.

Do you use SPF?
Yes, I do. I can’t do without SPF.

Take me through your skincare routine AM and PM
Everything in my routine has been prescribed by a dermatologist.
In the AM

Cleanse - I use the ZO medical facial wash for normal-to-oily skin
Treat - Image skincare clear cell salicylic acid cleansing pad, for normal to oily skin. It stings a little for some people, but it’s fine on my skin.
Treat - Duac gel to treat any dark spots
Eye cream Illuma intense brightening eye cream
Body - Vanilla sugar scrub, from Bath and Body works, and Image skin care rejuvenating lotion

I use Clearasil wipes to take off makeup and dirt from my skin.
Cleanse - Zo medical facial wash for normal to dry skin
Treat – Image skincare clear cell salicylic acid cleansing pads, and Duac gel (same as above)
Moisturize - Zo medical melamix for hyperpigmentation
Retin A at night.

I used to have a lot of dark spots, but since I started using the last three products mentioned above, my dark spots have drastically improved. I also noticed since I started using my SPF, the reoccurring spots disappeared.
Occasionally, I would use Image skincare vital hydrating enzyme masque, which gives my skin a glow. For beach days, I use Victoria Secret tan lotion, because it gives my skin a nice bronze glow.

What is your favorite treatment and where did you get it?
Recently I became obsessed with laser treatments. I used to wax, but it was the most painful thing in the world. I started getting laser hair removal; you don’t feel a thing at all if you trim/shave your hair slightly before the treatment. So, I started getting laser treatment on my hands, my legs, face, everywhere, and I love it. I go to Laserderm; I do everything concerning my skin there and they are really good.

What is the weirdest treatment you ever received, and did it work?
Ok that is a good question (laughs). I just did this thing called Exilis fat melting, a noninvasive treatment for fat removal (laughs), and honestly, I cannot tell you if it worked or not (laughs). First of all, I eat anything I want, so I think it was redundant(laughs). I really wanted to try it because it was a craze in the United States. So, when I learnt they were offering it in Nigeria, I thought I would give it a shot. Hmmm…. I did not see results promised. They claimed I would lose 4 inches around my waist, and that did not happen (laughs). I try to not mislead people, so to be honest I don’t think it works. To be fair, a treatment can only genuinely work if you are doing a lot of exercise and diets, so you might as well just diet and exercise.


What one skincare product do you consider the Krème de la Krème?
Well…I am all about that glow, so I have to say Image skincare vital hydrating enzyme masque. Since I started using this masque I honestly don’t have to wear make up to leave the house.

Biggest difference between being a model and a tv host
The biggest difference is as a model you don’t talk a lot. Nobody wants to hear you; as a matter of fact when you go for some auditions, if you talk a lot you might not get the job. However, as a TV presenter, you are expected to be witty, extremely knowledgeable, and have the ability to think on your toes. Being a TV presenter has definitely sharpened my mind because now I research everything. It has also helped me find my voice. I use to be extremely shy; in the past I could never put two words together in front of a stranger.

You are stuck in a cinema and you can only watch one movie what would that be?

Pretty Woman

Three words that describe your style
Elegant, Bold and Sexy

What is your favorite food?
I love anything Asian

Most memorable show/photoshoot
BMW campaign

Share one tip for taking an amazing picture
Take the picture while you are inhaling. It lengthens you, it helps you suck in your mid region and it changes the expression on your face (i.e. from looking tense you look more peaceful). I learnt this tip from a very popular model, Coco Rocha.

Beauty is…
Self-love, and love for others. Once you love something, you will see beauty in it. So, if you love yourself, you automatically project beauty and you act like everything is beautiful.

Which woman do you think embodies African beauty?
Iman. She is timeless.

Advice to young girls who want to model
For me, things work out once you stop imitating others, and focus on what makes you special. When I started modeling in New York, I would try to emulate other models, and nobody cared. When I realized it was okay to be the shy girl, the not so sure girl; those things caught people’s attention. There are models that have made it big because of their gap tooth that they thought was not pretty, or their big ears that they thought were ugly, so essentially, it’s about self-acceptance.

One skincare tip you would share with readers
Water! No matter what products you apply, if you are not drinking a lot of water, your skin would look like crap.



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