Krème Chats with Jane Michael Ekanem. Fashion Entrepreneur.

September 13, 2018

Jane Michael Ekanem is a celebrity fashion stylist, designer and fashion entrepreneur with a capacity for unraveling fashion - related problems. With over 10 years of fashion enterprising, her expertise spans styling for music videos, magazine covers,campaigns, runways and weddings. She was also the Fashion Curator for the just concluded ‘A Celebration Of African Culture’ which hosted President Emmanuel Macron at The African Shrine’; with a slew of celebrity clientele, collaborations and accolades attesting to her achievements in the fashion industry. Head Designer and Creative Director of the JaneMichael Brand, Jane Michael Ekanem who is also a Ted-X alumni is part of a movement  of fashionpreneurs with a goal to revolutionize homegrown quality of designs, creativity and ultimately, the business of fashion.



What has changed in your skincare routine from the last interview/conversation(November 2016) till now?

Last time we spoke I was just beginning to take care of my skin more. Currently I’m more intentional. My beauty secret is my microdermabrasion; I do that once in 4 weeks. I still do my skin waxing. It’s great; it takes off dead skin and hair from my body. I’ve also started watching what I eat. The moment you cross 30 your metabolism changes. I realize that even when I breath I’m gaining weight. When I think of food, I’m gaining weight (LOL). Being in the fashion business I have to be very intentionalabout how I look. I’m not saying that you can’t be a plus size girl you can’t look sexy and beautiful. For me I’d rather stay skinny, than being plus size. So, once it’s 7pm I try as much as I can to cut down on what I eat. I’ve also cut down on fizzy drink. Drinking a lot of water also helps, because it makes your skin radiate and it also helps reduce inflammations; with a busy stressful schedule you’re prone to inflammation, but drinking water and my cranberry extract help.

Finally, It’s been almost impossible to stay happy in Lagos. So I am very conscious about staying happy in every moment. I constantly remind myself to stay happy and smile regardless of how tiring and stressful life in Lagos may be. That’s another trick to staying younger and having radiating skin.

How did you come up with the concept of the photoshoot?

It was just me trying to express my inner beauty. I used to be very insecure about my body. But now, I’m very comfortable and proud in my skin and happy to express myself without thinking about what people will say.

The last time we spoke you were just starting your own line. How has that been going?

It’s not been an easy ride; it’s been an intense roller coaster. The good thing is that I don’t just design. If I didn’t have alternative income or extra support I would have shut down a long time ago. Because I’m very intentional about the brand, I’m still trying to find the balance and understand what people really want. But I think the fact that I’ve been very involved in the designing aspect, it has helped in making the brand more visible. For instance, most times I have to sort out the clothes for an event or shoot in less that 24-48 hours, which the average designer wouldn’t do. I’ve been able to meet up with clients’ impromptu demand because of the years as an experienced stylist. 

What is happiness to you?

Happiness is discovering yourself and knowing what you want for yourself without holding back

What’s your current can’t do without skincare product

Murad! Murad! I won’t even let you finish the question (laughs). I love the blue line, it’s great for acne.



Makeup - @bregha
Hair - @haircraft_
Outfits - @janemichaelcollection
BTS - @emeka143
Photography - @emmanueloyeleke
Style Assistants - @styledbyseun @primma_21




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