Juliet Ibrahim is an actress, compere, producer, director and a musician. I had the pleasure of speaking to the beautiful  Juliet Ibrahim about her skincare routine and I enjoyed every second of it. One word that comes to mind when describing her is confidence. She struck me as a woman who is confident in herself and everything she does but at the same time down to earth, and this is a rare trait to find.  Besides the mutual love for skincare, I connected to the bond she shared with her mum; specifically going for skincare treatments with her mum because it reminded me about the bond my mum and I have over skin care. Thank you Juliet for chatting with me. It was the highlight of my day.


How important is skin care to you?

Skincare is very important to me. I always want my skin to glow and my goal is to grow old maintaining my skin so that I don’t look my age. I want to look amazing.

I always wanted to grow old and have an amazing skin and amazing body. Don’t want to grow old and have all kinds of wrinkles. I focus on having good skin. I use more natural products like Carols daughter. I use their shea butter products and almond oil. I try to take care of my skin and it's very helpful because my skin is nice and glowing.

What is your Skin type?

Very oily, and sometimes dry depending on the weather.

Do you use SPF in your routine?

Yes I do . Whenever I know I will be out in the sun I use SPF. I use Cookie skin dermal repair complexion day  lotion SPF 30. Most people out here don’t really use it, and that's really bad for your skin. When I am working on set and we shoot outdoors, because I am fair I tend to tan easily. So to avoid all of that I have to use it.

Take me through your day

On an average day, I wake up cleanse my face  with Clinique facial wash and Clinique toning lotion. I used to use Bobbi brown skincare products, but it gave me rashes because it's not compatible with the weather in Ghana; it can get really hot. Then I use my Clinique scrub every two weeks. The days that I plan to go without make up I use cookie skin day brightening serum and safari cosmetics moisturizer (which is created by my friend). The days I wear make up, I use HOC eye cream. I prefer not to use moisturizer because I may sweat a lot. Next I use Cookie skin dermal repair complexion day lotion SPF 30 which is amazing for our weather. It's made to work perfectly in our humid climate.

On my body, I  use Carols daughter products. I love Carols daughter products because it was made for the black woman; a woman who loves natural organic skincare. It works on every skin tone and it smells delicious. In the day time, I  apply Carols daughter black vanilla body cream, Carols daughter sexy belly correction balm (which is great for mothers), and I love the almond cookie body products.

At night, I have the same routine as the morning except I do not apply body oil at night because It makes me sweat. Instead I use body oil from Johnsons.

You are an actress, singer, entrepreneur. You wear all these hats. How do you schedule time for yourself specifically skin care?

I barely have time for myself but being that I am in the spotlight I try my best to make sure I always look good and I want to make sure I maintain that. My mum is 50 years old, and when people see her they think she is my elder sister, they are shocked. So I want to be like her when I turn 50; a 50 year old hot mum and grandmother. [laughs] So I have to carve out 10 to 15 minutes a day to take care of myself and only use natural products. I am a spa person, so every now and then whether in Ghana or abroad, I make sure I go to the spa on Sundays with my mum. We get facials, massages, pedicures etc. My schedule is usually hectic, but I just have to make sure I have time to take care of myself at least once a month.

In your  industry, is there pressure to look a particular way?

There is no pressure. If you are good at what you do it doesn’t matter what you look like you will be hired. So there is no pressure to look a particular way. It’s more of a personal thing; if you're in the entertainment industry you always want to look good. When acting you always want to do your best to represent a character, and as a role model to your people you want to put your best foot forward so with that in mind it is important that you look good and maintain it. 

Which spa treatment is your favorite and where do you get it?

In Accra , I go to the Movenpick hotel. They have the best massage. I love the aroma therapy massage. That is the first thing I get when I go. Then I do facials.

What is your "can't live without product"? / If you where in a burning building and you had to reach for one what would that be?

[Laughs] I would go for any body lotion, the carols daughter almond butter cookie product. It smells so good. It's almond oil mixed with and cookie scent. It smells so good sometimes I feel like eating it, but I know I can't. I would reach for that little jar and I am out of there [laughs].

Favorite skin care

Carols daughter. In the future,  if I decide to go into skincare  business  I  would like to do develop a brand  similar to Carols daughter. It has done wonders on my skin, and I get a lot of compliments. In fact some people think I bleach and I just laugh.

One skincare tip for readers

Use natural almond oil for your body. People don’t know you can use it and it's very good. I buy a big jar of it anytime I am in the United states.

What is beauty to you? When you think about beauty what word comes to mind?

It's very hard to describe beauty you know. People have different definitions for beauty. There are times I judge beauty by a person's looks, that is their exterior beauty. There are other times when I would describe beauty as from within, based on having a conversation with or spending time with the person and getting to know them. So basically I would describe beauty as what I see in that person at that particular moment in time (i.e. interior or exterior beauty).

Whose beauty inspires you?

There are two people I can think of. One person Is Oprah Winfrey; she encourages people and is someone to look up to. She is a black woman that carries herself very well and she makes you feel like you can be whatever you want to be. The other person is Pascaline Edwards; she is a Ghanaian actress. She is a little older but looks sooo young and hot.

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