Theodora Mogo is simply put, an artist. She is the force behind Doranne beauty, based in Lagos Nigeria, and her portfolio includes celebrities and socialites to name a few. During our skincare chat, her passion for beauty stroke me and I quick realized that the secret to her success was the fact that she was living purposefully. Thank you Theodore Mogo for being so graceful, and for sharing your tips with us.


How important is skincare to you?

Skincare is really important to me, especially as a makeup artist, it is important that we have a good base to work with it.  As a makeup artist, we pride ourselves in the art form of transforming our clients and accentuating their natural beauty, but it is important that our muses/clients feel comfortable in their own skin.   As a make-up artist, what is the most common skin condition you come across?

I would have to say hyperpigmentation (sun damage) is the most common skin condition I have come across, being based in a tropical country (Nigeria). The other common condition I come across is acne, but skin discoloration from sun damage ismore prevalent among my clients.  

What is your skin type?

Combination skin. My T-zone is oily and I’m relatively dry around my cheeks. 
Take me through your skincare routine day (AM) and night (PM)

In the AM, 

For my first cleanse I use ‘Clean and Clear’ face wash, which I have used since I was a teenager; I love ‘Clean and Clear’ products. For my second cleanse, I use a cleanser I made myself. Lastly, I apply my moisturizer.

In the PM,

I use the same products at night, but I use electronic cleansing face brush from Mary Kay. I apply my Radha beauty Vitamin C serum and moisturize with clear essence face cream mixed with a little rose water. For weekly treatments, at night I exfoliate twice a week, followed by a mask.


Do you use SPF?

Yes, I do.
What is your “I can’t live without” skincare product? ( if you were in a burning building which skincare product would you reach for?)

My ‘Clean and Clear’ brightening face wash; at least I can wash my face in the morning and in the evening (Laughs)
At the airport with excess luggage and airport security ask you to choose  just one makeup product to travel with ; which product would you choose?

Nooo... that’s not possible (laughs). In that situation, I would beg. There are way too many products that I can’t live without.

If you could create a skincare product, what would it be and what benefits would it have?

A face cleanser, because It is very important to wash your face twice a day. A rejuvenating cleanser infused with antioxidants like vitamin C, to nourish the skin, and lemon, to brighten the skin. In Nigeria, the weather is humid and there is pollution in the air, so it would be beneficial to have a product to take off all the dirt while giving you that ‘pick me up’ feeling. 

If you could create a makeup product, what would it be?

It would definitely be a foundation; a semi matte foundation for darker skin tones that gives your skin a velvet look. There are products out there that give that finish, but my signature is the dewy look.
What phrase could define how to you live your life? If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. What is beauty to you?

We live in a world where it is Impression first, values after.  Your appearance is what people see first and then they draw in to meet the person. Your values are more important than your appearance but the physical comes first, so to me beauty is represented both inward and outward.

Whose beauty inspires you?

I can think of two people. First a Nigerian woman whose beauty inspires me is . Joke Silva. She is one of those people that has aged gracefully. I love her carriage, and her skin and makeup looks good. Internationally, it has to be Jennifer Lopez. Just because I absolutely adore her makeup, her body and her skin looks beautiful. The key is they are both timeless beauties.

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