KRÈME CHATS WITH Uti Nwachukwu is a TV presenter , Actor, Model , Events Compere , musician and winner BBA all stars

KRÈME CHATS WITH Uti Nwachukwu is a TV presenter , Actor, Model , Events Compere , musician and winner BBA all stars

Hello, today I decided to add a new dimension to the Krème Chats series by interviewing men about their own grooming journey. Skin is a functioning organ on the body, that both male and  female have in common. Besides facial hair and facial structure ,  the treatment used to address male skin is the same for females. Over the years , I have had girlfriends ask me to recommend something for their partners ,male clients come in for treatment and my very own sweet  husband has been my guinea pig.  So I figured why not have a platform for men to share their perspective on their skincare journey . As usual my goal is that it brings value to someone and we can all learn what men , the men in our lives or our future partners will need to put their skin first.

First we have Uti Nwachukwu....


Uti Nwachukwu is a TV presenter , Actor, Model , Events Compere , musician and winner BBA all stars.Uti is an exceptional talent and very passionate about his craft and it shows. The words that came to mind during our chat was kind, generous and extremely funny . Thanks Uti for being the first man on our series.

Do you take proper care of your skin?

I will be honest, before I didn’t, but two years ago I started breaking out because I never used moisturizer because of the humidity. I didn’t understand why I was breaking out because I felt moisture would be the cause of breakouts. I started getting my facials done but it just didn’t work so when I travelled abroad they asked me if I moisturize and I said no. They advised I start moisturizing and also advised that I stop using soap instead use facial washes. I would use the facial washes but with no moisturizer, but the minute I started using moisturizers I noticed my skin looked fresher, younger and I had almost no breakouts. So in the past, I hardly took care of my skin. I was the person that would just take a shower, use Vaseline on my feet and arms so I don’t look ashy, or on  my knees if I am wearing shorts. I now realize that if you don’t moisturize you could breakout and your skin just doesn’t look good.

How important is skincare to men?

With regards to appearance, it is very important. I mean, you don’t want to scare people away with the way you look (laughs). A clear, fresh skin will inadvertently draw people towards you. It will definitely create a positive first image impression. It is especially important if you are in the arts, TV, in fact in all sectors because your skin is the outer covering of your body so you have to take care of it.

What is your skin type?

I was told I have combination skin. My T zone is oily and the other sides are dry. Have you ever had problems with your skin? I’ve never had problems with my skin except what I mentioned earlier with the breakouts, which was caused by lack of moisture. The second stage of puberty, like between the age of 16 and 20, I had breakouts but then I switched from using facial bars to facial cleansers.

What kind of products do you use for your skincare on a regular basis?

I usually use skincare products for men. I don’t use face scrubs because from what I heard scrubs can destroy the top layer of your skin. I like to use facial washes or foaming cleansers and right after that use oil free water based moisturizer for the face. For my body, I do not have issues with the skin on my body, so I usually use moisturizing medicated soap first then I use coco butter or some sort of cooling moisturizer on my body.

Do you use SPF?

No I don’t actually, which I heard is very wrong. I need to use that.

Do you think there is anything else you should do and you don’t?

I think I should wear sunblock more often, drink more water, sleep more because I am a bit of a night owl; I find it hard to sleep early. And I think I need to moisturize my body more.

Do you think men feel comfortable talking about their skincare regime?

NO, no, no. I don’t think I would feel comfortable talking about it If wasn’t in the entertainment industry.


Well its perceived as feminine. With regards to skin, growing up we watched our mothers have different creams for different parts of their body. Watching our fathers, they never really paid attention on their skin. They would just apply Vaseline on their bodies and step out. So a lot of boys have grown up thinking that it is very girlie to take care of their skin, or not masculine, so men are not bothered like that. If I wasn’t on TV I wouldn’t, but because what I do has a lot to do with my image, I am more comfortable to speak about it.

What is beauty to you?

Flawless skin, great smile, beautiful flawless features and a great body.  
Which woman do you find beautiful?

For light skin, I would say Rita Dominic. For mocha/caramel skin I would say Omotola. For dark skin, I would say Genevieve and Tiwa Savage.

Which men do you think have good skin?

For light skin, Ramsey Noah. For dark skin, Yomi casual the designer. And for mocha/caramel skin, Flavor Nabania (musician).

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

By the grace of God, worldwide. If God perfectly wills it, I want my career to be successful internationally.
Skincare tip to readers

Don’t ever use facial soaps/bars on your face, drink lots of water (you can never go wrong with water, get enough sleep, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

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