Yvonne Nwosu is a dexterous fashion designer and the creative director behind the popular Vonne Couture . Before I had the pleasure of speaking with her; I had eyed a couple of her beautiful pieces on celebrities and socialites. I was glad she accepted my invitation to share a little about skincare, fashion and the importance of loving oneself. Thank you Yvonne Nwosu for such a fun chat. 

Why fashion?

Fashion has always been part of my life. I think I started by making clothes for my dolls when I was a little girl, and as I grew older I would always remake my clothes; adding my own personal touch. My mother is very fashionable, so I picked up a thing or two from her as well.

What is your skin type?

Dry skin

What is your AM AND PM routine?

When it comes to skincare I believe in keeping it very simple. In the AM &PM, I use the BEA skincare 5 step daily regime, which I have used for a couple years now.

What is your Krème de la Krème of skincare product?

My favorite one is the BEA skincare eye serum.

Now a couple fashion related questions?

When I get dressed in the morning I think...

I am taking over the world, and I can take on anything.

What is one thing every woman should have in her closet?

A Vonne piece

The most treasured item of clothing in your closet is

Everything! (laughs)

What is a fashion trend that can never let you down?

Denim and a white t-shirt will never let you down.

Best fashion advice you have ever received?

Just do you .

When do you feel most creative?

In my dreams. I dream up ideas, I wake up and start working on them

Never be caught dead wearing

Hmm, that's a tough one. You know what, I will never be caught dead following trends.

Beauty is...

Vonne! (laughs) To me beauty is loving yourself, because it comes from within.

Advice for young fashion enthusiast who want to start a fashion label

Start small, don't wait for millions before you start.

Skincare tip to readers

Stay away from the sun. Whenever anyone asks me about my skin, I always tell them I stay away from the sun because Lagos sun is not smiling. (Laughs)

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