January 09, 2017

Tatcha skincare is a luxury skincare line inspired by the geisha beauty rituals. The founder Victoria Tsai created the line after suffering from acute dermatitis ; a condition that causes dry, itchy and irritated skin.  She formulated the skincare line while pregnant and she insured that all the ingredients are gentle, safe but very effective. 

I bought my first bottle of Tatcha pure camellia one step oil in 2013 after reading about the story behind the brand, I was fascinated. At the time, they had launched only three products the camellia oil, the classic rice enzyme powder and the moisturizer. I must admit it took me a while to figure out how to use the product to suit my skin and to fit in my routine but once I did I have been obsessed with the results.


 Tatcha one step camellia oil is a beautiful blend of camellia oil, Rice bran oil, Red Algae and Green tea.  It takes away impurities and waterproof makeup. It emulsifies completely leaving skin clean without double cleansing.

Active ingredients

CAMEILLIA OIL: used as a non-greasy emollient for skincare products.  Camellia oil plays an important role in anti-oxidation as a result of high content of oleic acid. It is derived from the seeds of which are cold pressed to maintain its antioxidant properties.


RICE BRAN OIL: It is recommended for combination skin products where the ingredients must not be too aggressive for dry skin area and yet it is helpful for the oily skin.

 GREEN TEA: It Is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  When applied topically, it can reduce skin swelling

RED ALGAE: used by the Chinese for curing burns and rashes. It protects sensitive skin against irritation, it is great for dry skin because it smoothens and softens skin and great for treating acne because of its antibiotic properties. 

 PRICE $48 (5.1oz)


Tatcha has exceptional packaging. From the pack the product comes to the product itself is well thought out and just beautiful. The product comes on a white bottle, with a pump top that looks when you twist to the right.  There is an additional cap cover that further secures the product from spillage.


In the PM

First, I make my hands are clean and dry.  I dispense about two pumps of one step cleansing  oil in my palm and massage it on my face. On makeup days, I concentrate on my water proof eye makeup making sure it’s spread properly.

I wet my palm with a little warm water and massage it on my face which emulsifies the cleanser turning it into a milky substance.  Finally, I take a warm face cloth and wipe off my skin thoroughly

At this point, sometimes I cleanse with a treatment cleanser depending on what I am trying to achieve. However, this cleanser is so good you don’t real need a double cleanse (if you don’t have layers of make up on). I finish up with my night serum and moisturizer.

In the AM

I Dispense one pump only into my palm, massage on dry skin, emulsify, wipe with warm cloth, pat dry and apply skin treatments and SPF. No need for a second cleanse.


Since 2013




Almost all skin and all ethnicities. It is a really gentle oil based cleanser so it is great for all skin types even oily skin but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that is allergic to any of the ingredients or someone with problematic skin.


Tatcha pure one step camellia oil is my favorite cleansing oil for the following reasons

 ·         It does not strip your skin or irritate your skin

·         All you need is one pump for your entire face

·         Works with all ethnicities

·         Breaks down all your make up easily

.      It is works in different climate and because its liquid you don't have to worry about it melting or getting messy

·         Cleanses your skin thoroughly

Tatcha pure camellia one step cleansing oil is a go to if you are new to using oils to cleanse your skin, I love it. It is a little price but like I mentioned end earlier a little goes a long way so it last month’s before you need to repurchase. Please leave a comment if you try it for the first time after you read this or share your experience with this product if you have used it in the past.

Have a blessed week.








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