March 04, 2018

KrèmeChats with the beautiful and industrious Tallulah Doherty. Co-Host of "Moments", CEO of Wow nails Lagos, CEO of Confetti Beauty, You tuber & Podcaster.
A little over two years ago, I stumbled across a podcast called "Thinkers Tea". To say I was inspired and motivated is an understatement. On further research, I found out Tallulah Doherty was the brains behind it, the owner of Wow nails Spa, and a Co-Host on Moments. I was blown away by her tenacity, so I knew I had to speak with her. Thanks Tallulah for all your advice, and for bringing value with everything you do..

How important is skincare to you?
I think skincare is important, especially being on TV. Your make up sits better, you need less makeup, and its less work for the makeup artist because they don’t have to cover up acne or blemishes. Fortunately for some, they are blessed with great skin but others have to work to maintain their skin and I fall into the latter category so having the appropriate skincare routine is important to me.

When and why did you start a skincare routine?
When I lived in New York a couple of years ago, I had suffered from acne and I did not know what was causing it. I went to every dermatologist, tried everything. it was really traumatic. Thankfully I got over the acne, but I became really particular about my skincare / skincare routines.


Take me through your skincare routine AM and PM

In the morning…
CLEANSE: I use Cetaphil (Normal to Oily skin)
SERUM: I layer on two serums, because my skin needs a lot of hydration. First, I apply Avene Optimale Hydrating serum, and then I massage in the Clinique smart serum.
MOISTURIZER: Finish off with the Clinique dramatically different gel moisturizer.

FIRST CLEANSE/MAKEUP REMOVER: I use Shu Uemura pore-finist anti-shine cleansing oil. I absolutely love this product, because it takes all my makeup off easily.
SECOND CLEANSE: then I use my Cetaphil again, because I am a bit obsessed with it.
SERUM: For the PM, I use Lancôme advanced genifique youth activating serum, and I finish with it because I don’t like to overload my skin with too many products at night.
Unfailingly, once a month, I go to a spa called Facial Bar in Lagos for a deep cleansing facial. They are really good, and have a variety of facial treatment. Personally, I feel the facials make a huge difference on my skin because they keep my skin clear and healthy.

Do you use SPF?
I know it’s really bad, but I don’t use sunscreen if I am not outside. However, on the days that I spend a lot of time outside, I use Obagi Matte Sunscreen SPF50. Its really good and effective.

What was the inspiration behind starting your podcast Thinkers Tea?
Well, I have always been interested in business. I grew up in a family surrounded by people doing their own businesses. I have always been curious about how business people think, how they run their day to day, how they manage their staff. Also, knowing that entrepreneurship looks glamorous on the outside but it is a struggle and lots of hard work to maintain it. So, my podcast “Thinkers Tea” was inspired by my desire to learn from other business minds, with the hope that it would bring value to other people who want to start a business or are in business. It’s been so enriching for me, because I learnt a lot from them and it has affected my businesses positively.

How are you able to wear many hats and do it so well?
I think I am a naturally restless person, so that helps (LOL). But I also think I have a good team. They are well trained and intelligent people. I also have security cameras enabled in each store, which helps me keep an eye on things when I am away; so, structure and a good team that I trust has worked really well for me. Finally, loving what you do keeps you going, and none of it feels like work.

You are packing for a short trip, you can only fit one skincare item in your bag, what would it be?
oh wow! That’s difficult. It would probably be the Clinique smart serum; I cannot live without that stuff.

Favorite treatment offered in Wow nail spa
The Chrome nails. I love them because they look really intergalactic, and really cool

Favorite podcast (other than Thinkers Tea)
I love Timothy Ferriss podcast

What is one cause that is close to your heart?
Motherless children, because I lost my mother about 10 years ago, so I empathize with them. I am also passionate about education for the girl child, especially in Africa, because growing up my mum would say I could buy you all you want but it would never last, but no one can take education away from you.

What advice would you give your teenage self?
Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated, and don’t be afraid to close doors.

What is beauty?
Beauty is the way a woman chooses to express our femininity. I love the chameleon like essence of being a woman. You might wake up one day and decide I want to wear just lip balm, or change my hair colour, and that is wonderful. The ability to express yourself in that particular moment, and the freedom to choose, that is beauty to me.

Which woman embodies African beauty to you?
Tiwa Savage has the quintessential African beauty. She is very beautiful, and she has strength. I remember the first time I saw her (before I got into TV); we attended the same church and she walked in and everyone turned to look at her. She is very striking, and has this aura about her.

Skincare advice for readers of kreme.ng
Always cleanse your skin at night; never go to bed without taking dirt and grime of your face.




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