ALCOHOL: There is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine with friends or occasionally with dinner in fact drinking red wine in moderation has been shown to be good for the heart however if you binge drinking regularly you are not only putting your health at risk but you are making your skin old faster than it's time.  Alcohol has damaging effect on the skin. Excessive intake of alcohol can dehydrate the skin by drawing water out of the tissues, making the skin appear dull and dry.

DIET: Your nutritional intake greatly affects the health of your skin. A healthy diet results on healthy skin. For instance, a diet with healthy fats will improve dry skin and a diet high in sodium can cause puffy bags under your eyes.

SMOKING: Smoking constricts blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It becomes very difficult for skin to repair itself. Smoking also reduce vitamin C which is vital for collagen production and nicotine depletes moisture in your skin leaving a lackluster appearance.

EXERCISE: Exercise increases blood flow and that nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the skin more efficiently. You will notice that your skin will be firmer and nourished from within. However, I have had clients who are very active but have excessive breakout which is caused by unsanitary habits and dirty  equipment.

These are just a few common lifestyle choices that people practice daily that impact the health of their skin. Remember, damage done by these lifestyle habits are usually hard to reverse or diminish, so be kind to your skin.

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