November 14, 2017

My family and I are off tomorrow on a much-needed vacation. It’s always exciting when you are going off on vacation; change of environment, the food and the opportunity to reenergize. Unfortunately, getting there can also be a nightmare especially on long haul flights with two toddlers. The connecting flights, the wait time, the food on board, the air or lack thereof , all of it does a number on your skin . Personally, travelling (especially long haul) is tough on my skin. Airplanes leave my skin dry, dull and sometimes with breakouts so it is essential I travel with a simple mini routine on board just to keep my skin hydrated and plump on landing.



Clinique Take the day off Cleansing Oil (travel size)

First things first, I usually don’t use make up before I travel because I feel uncomfortable. However, if you wear makeup this cleansing oil is fantastic for you too. It breaks down makeup and leaves the skin clean without any oily residue. It is great for all skin types and it comes in a balm which I love and reviewed earlier this year. For review click here.

To wipe of the cleansing, I use Intrinsic wipes. I use these in spa during facials but I love, love these wipes and they are a fantastic alternative to cleansing cloth.


Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist

It’s a hydrating must that can be used under makeup or anytime by all skin types for hydration, dullness and dryness. Previously, I would always travel with Sisley floral mist but since I discovered Tach, I would alternate between both must. I use the after cleanse and pretty much anytime my skin needs a pick me up during the flight. Full review coming soon.


By Wistrend Natural Vitamin Enhancing Sheet mask

It’s a sheet mask chuck full of antioxidants to improve your skin tone and hydrate your skin. For me this is a must have on long haul flights. It is effective and leave my skin hydrated for an extended period of time. Yes, some people might look at you a little  weird but I really don't pay attention . Whats important is my skin and its also a plus that my  daughter's love it so it  serves as great in-flight distraction to them so it’s a winner. For full review, click here.


OIL FREE ULTRA MOISTURIZING LOTION COSRX (Transferred into travel size bottle)

Honestly, I prefer using oils as my last step on international flights but I ran out of oils and forgot to restock. Alternatively, I decided to take my usual daily moisturizer which keeps my skin hydrated and supple all the way to my destination. For review click here.


Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it and I would love to hear you about your mini routines for weekend getaways or major vacations. Have a great day.












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