July 08, 2016

In recent years, there has been growing interest in using natural organic skincare products. People are getting more educated about things that can cause damage to the skin and health like exposure to sun and using harmful chemicals on your skin. I speak to a lot of people who either use organic skincare products or have questions about what natural ingredients they can use and their benefits. Because of the growing importance of this topic, I wanted to list out a few natural ingredients and their benefits to the skin that can be found in your pantry or in your skincare products.


Avocado-it is rich in vitamins and oils; beneficial for dry skin, anti aging because of its moisturizing quality and sensitive skin

Eggs -egg white specifically can be used as a mask to tone and tighten the skin. I do not recommend this for acne prone skin because it has the potential of clogging pores and causing breakouts   

Cucumber - soothing and healing; commonly used in mask and soothes dark circles and puffy eyes.

Honey – it is hydrating, a gentle exfoliator, tones, its anti- bacterial quality makes it great for acne and gives a tightening effect to the skin. It is commonly used in mask and scrubs

Lemon –  brightening, it has the ability to heal acne and it is an astringent


Oatmeal - soothing, healing, it can provide relief for sunburn and irritated skin. Used in face and body products

Papaya- exfoliating with enzymatic properties, it can also lighten skin and smoothen out aging skin.  Papaya enzyme peels are popular treatments in most spas.

Potatoes -used on oily skin and to reduce puffiness in the eye area

Yogurt – it is cleansing and mildly astringent; naturally reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The lactic acid in yogurt helps dissolve dead skin and tighten pores. it can also be used as a mask.


Please note that the above listed ingredients are commonly used and the benefits have been tested however I would strongly recommend that you exercise caution when you use these items at home. Please make sure it is compatible with your skin type and condition otherwise you may react negatively to them. If you have any questions about your skin type, what products and how to use it, I would love to answer them. Have a blessed weekend.


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