July 29, 2016

I am always on the lookout for good exfoliating pads. Some exfoliating pads get rid of unwanted skin cells on your face without the aggressive beads that can damage your epidermis. In my K beauty discovery journey, I decided to give this Korean skin care product; NEOGEN bio peel lemon exfoliating pads a try to see how it compares with my favorite exfoliating pads Kate Somerville clinic on the go resurfacing pads.



Neogen bio peel are 30-piece exfoliating pads that gets rid of dead skin cells on your face. It is a cross between manual exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. Neogen pads are supposed to remove impurities leave your skin brighter and clearer due to the presence of lemon extract.


LEMON EXTRACT- it is anti-bacterial, antiseptic tones the skin and adds fragrance to skincare products. Lemon extract can be used to treat sunburns, acne problems and oily skin.

GLYCERIN- a humectant, it is water binding and able to draw and absorb water from the air thus helping the skin retain moisture. Glycerin has been studied extensively for its hydrating abilities and been established as a good skin moisturizing agent.

LACTIC ACID- multiple purpose ingredient used as a preservative, exfolitant, moisturizer and even provides acidity to a product. Its exfoliating properties can help in the removal excess pigment in the skin and improve skins texture.

 PRICE $27



I use it twice a week, usually Wednesday night and Saturday nights. I double cleanse my skin, then pat dry. I take one exfoliating pads and insert two fingers in the pads. First I use the grid like side of my face, moving in circular motion around my face and down my neck.

Then I turn the pad over to the quilted side and sweeping over my face gently to apply the left over liquid. You are instructed to rinse immediately which is okay the first couple times you use it; that way you can test for any reactions or sensitivity. Personally, I leave it on for about 10 minutes before I rinse off because my skin can tolerate it. You can try building up your time according to your skins tolerance but I do not recommend going past 15mins.

[caption id="attachment_3837" align="aligncenter" width="234"] GRID SIDE[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3838" align="aligncenter" width="252"] QUILT SIDE[/caption]


Rinse off, pat dry followed by your toner, essence, treatment and moisturizer.


June 18th – July 29th 2016.  (5 weeks)


Yes, a mild lemon scent


They claim all skin types even sensitive I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone with dry skin because of the alcohol content and not recommended for pregnant women use it without seeking doctor’s approval because of the glycolic acid content (even if it is a small amount I would be cautious)


Honestly, the packaging was not my favorite for several reasons.

1.It is too big .it takes up space on my bathroom counter and it cannot fit in my travel toiletries bags.

2.The screw top packaging affects the efficacy of the product because daily opening of the container exposes the pads to air. I prefer exfoliating acid pads that are individually packed so the rest of the product stays fresh.






It is a really gentle exfoliant. It did not sting or burn on application and I believe the glycerin content helps minimize any astringent quality it may have.

Love the size and texture of the individual pads. Its large enough to cover a good amount of space at a time, it’s comfortable so your fingers do not slip out and the texture of the grid and quilt is appropriate for its intended use.

The pads leave my skin soft for days and I notice my mask or treatments seem to work better after use.

It is budget friendly compared to the other brands


I didn’t notice any drastic brightening.

It claimed to have lactic acid as one of the active ingredients but looking at the ingredient list, it is not a significant amount

It has denatured alcohol as one of the ingredients which can dry out your skin. Honestly, my skin did not feel drier when testing even with the alcohol in it however I feel it is an ingredient that could be omitted.


Overall I didn’t have a bad experience with this product that why I may repurchase. I do not recommend it to anyone who has dry skin and even if it said it works for sensitive skin I recommend you approach with caution.

If you have any questions about this product or any skin care related questions, please I leave a comment below. Have a great weekend.














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