We are excited for you to meet our new curation GR8 SKINCARE. 

 A physician formulated skincare by Dr Janine Ellenberger who has been practicing for over two decades, with 11 years of that with  Environ Skincare. 

Dr Ellenberger was motivated to find skincare solutions for her teenage boys who started breaking out. She created a line with a philosophy that avoided antiquated ingredients that can be harsh and aggravate the skin. Gr8 skincare provides acne solutions that nourish, protect and hydrate the skin. Although created to target teenage acne and all that it encompass, the formulas in this range are also beneficial for clients who desire to age gracefully. 

 Suitable for all  skin types, ALL colors and all ages; 13 to 113 years olds can benefit from these products because they are gentle, non -drying, and maintain the skin barrier function and effectiveness.  

 After months of testing and training, we are absolutely in love with our curation. And even more than the products, we love this brand because of their passion for education. They believe, as we do, that education and skincare go hand in hand. Every quarter, they select (with the help of their consumers) a small independent education based charity in Africa, and donate to them. We have a lot to share about our new partners, but for now  we'll WELCOME GR8 SKINCARE! 

 Visit🌍 to find out more about our new curation GR8 SKINCARE.  

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