I first heard about the brand Tizo from an educator at a training. We got talking about current trends in the industry and the conversation led up to us dissecting formulas and a few brands. In the middle our conversation she mentioned Tizo and recommended I check them out.
Fast forward to May 2018, I attended a conference in Las Vegas. It was the end of day 2, I was exhausted and dragging myself back to the hotel. I looked up and saw a huge booth with Tizo sign so I mustered the last bit of energy, went back and spoke to the brand.
Got a few samples (by a few a mean a ton) of tinted and untinted. From May to October, we were in touch with brand testing out various options on offer on myself and at least 15 other people. I fell in love with both tinted and untinted but majority favored the tinted so we decided to launch this first.

The past two years we have been using this brand both in our treatment rooms and out, and we are still in love .






TIZO Tinted ultra zinc Body and face sunscreen SPF40:

This is my favorite sunscreen. I started using Tizo for treatments and personally since 2018. It suitable for all skin types. It comes in tinted and non tinted formulations which opens it up to various skin tones. 20% zinc oxide makes it perfect for post procedure 



High percentage of zinc Oxide

Iron oxide formulated in the tinted formulation for advanced protection

Absorbs beautifully, leaving no white cast.

Formulated with Antioxidants

Acne prone skin can use it.






This is my winter\dry season go to. It goes everywhere with me and honestly cannot get enough of it. It’s a daily multi-tasker helps repair the signs of existing photodamage.  Obsessed with its velvety texture and even more obsessed with how it reinforces the skins natural protective lipid barrier.



High percentage of Zinc Oxide

Ceramides!! Can’t get enough

Formulated with his antioxidants

Leaves a beautiful velvet finish that I love

 No breakouts 


Size. It much smaller than the Tizo ultra; I want more.





TIZO3 ( Facial primer)


I like to think that if Tizo ultra and Tizo AM replenish had a baby they would have Tizo3. It is another great option especially for those who wear makeup. It is a tinted facial sunscreen that offers lightweight sun protection with silky matte finish. Made with micronized titanium dioxide and zinc Oxide it is elegant while providing protection.  It can be worn alone or replace your primer.



NO white cast



Contains antioxidants and iron Oxide



Can’t think of any.



Tizo Sheer Foam Sunscreen

Light foaming sunscreen thais uniquely formulated to offer sheer, weightless coverage. 

The package and texture makes it easy to apply on larger parts of the body.



Package: the nozzle dispenses enough sunscreen to cover large parts of the skin.

Texture: lightweight foaming texture makes it spreadable

Formulated with antioxidant



Honestly my least favorite of the line so far. It doesn’t absorb into skin elegantly. 

It may leave a white cast on some skin tones.



Have you tried an Tizo sunscreens? If not you are in luck.

Click www.kreme.ng to shop Tizo.






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