When Illumask launched its was all over the news, celebrities taking pictures with the alien looking mask on Instagram and raving about its benefits so immediately I ordered it and was not disappointed with the results but very disappointed with the service.

Illumask is FDA cleared LED light at home treatment which comes in two versions the red infrared lights for anti-aging and blue light therapy for acne treatment.  Illumask brings light therapy that is usually done in a spa or dermatologist office to your home. I ordered the anti-aging red light therapy because I didn’t have any breakouts at the time, I am open to any device that would fight aging in the convenience of my home and it cost $30 which is affordable compared to the other led lights in the market which cost anywhere from $100 to 300.




Illumask is comes set for 30-day use for about 15mins each session. The goal is you use it every day for 30 days. At the end of the four weeks, facial lines should have improved and skin would look tighter. In the evening, I would double cleanse then wear the mask over my face. It has inbuilt eye covers to protect your eyes from the light. About 5 minutes  into it, I felt a warm sensation coming over my face. At the end of the session, the lights go off and your done till the next day. I immediately apply a serum, eye cream and night moisturizer over my face to finish up the treatment




I used it for 30 days.


It comes with a cute travel case which fits the mask perfectly and it’s easy to pack.





Within the week of using the mask my skin felt firmer and clearer. I must mention that I didn’t see any drastic change in the few wrinkles that I have but I truly believe if I had continued using the mask as part of an anti- aging routine, I may have seen a more noticeable results.


 The mask I received didn’t have an opening around the eye area so my eyes had to be shut for the entire session which isn’t too bad unless you’re a mum of a toddler like me. it was very difficult to relax and enjoy the session while my mind wondered what my daughter was up to so I could only use it when my daughter was asleep.  However, the reason I never repurchased the refill was because the customer service was horrendous.

 I ordered the mask over the phone and it arrived on time, two weeks into using it I noticed a charge on my bank account from the company for 90-day refill, WHAT!!!  I was livid because I was clear to the customer service representative that I did not need the refill but apparently she went ahead and signed me up. So I called to ask for refund and the assistant I spoke to reluctantly gave me a new address to return the refills when I received them. I went straight to the post office when the package arrived and was told the address I was given did not exist, WHAT!!!! so I called customer service back and with no explanation why I was given a wrong address in the first place, they gave me a completely different address. In summary, I returned the refills and suffice to say never ordered from them again.

I would love to hear your experience with this product or if you have any questions about the product  please contact me. Thanks.









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