Fall is here for us states side so it time to put aside some of our products in favor of more hydration boosting products. The dry air from both indoor and outdoor can leave your skin itchy, dry and chapped. Its definitely important and possible to stay on our quest to protect the skin we are in so I thought I share a few tips on how to transition your routine to the fall season.
P.S the following tips also apply to readers in Nigeria because the weather gets drier(harmattan) &cooler during the end of the year so the following can be very beneficial to you too.

Swap your cleanser to a more gentler cleanser that suits your skin type. When you cleanse your skin, it should not feel tight after wards that is an indication that you may want to switch your cleanser. These cleansers weaken the outer layer of your skin. When you take the weakened layer into the harsh weather either cold or dry, it cannot not hold up causing more issues. Its better to switch to a hydrating cleanser or alternate your cleansers during this season.

When it comes to exfoliation, there is no one size fits all approach. My general approach would be If my client was really, really dry, I would lean towards recommending almost zero exfoliation but if they had normal skin then I would advise the reduce the frequency or in some cases switch the method of exfoliation. The key here is understanding your skin will be a little more compromised because of the dryness and cold air. It’s important to stress that this is on a case by case basis but if your skin is fine then go ahead and exfoliate because it will help penetration of other products but do not over do it.
You can never get enough hydration during the dry winter season. All my clients know how I feel about hydration year-round. It is even more important to add more hydration to your routine by layering it on. Using hydrating serums under a richly hydrating moisturizer is guaranteed to help give your ski the protection it needs. Finally, it is important you use moisturizers that are suitable for your skin and not your neighbors skin.

Load up on antioxidants both topically and orally. Topically, antioxidants like vitamin C and A help fight free radicals, they are great antiaging ingredients and can also help with overall brightening of your skin. Helping reverse damages from the summer and keeping your skin vibrant through the harsh fall season.

There is never a bad time to wear sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen year-round. At home, when its cloudy, rainy or hail or stormy weather. Apply and reapply every two hours.
See a skincare professional for treatments
Winter/ dry season comes with dull skin so I recommend my clients come in every three to four weeks for a professional facial. Fall season for us in the industry is peel season, my clients come in for these treatments to help remove dead skin. Regular appointment to your esthetician will help keep you skin hydrated and clear and also boost your home care.

Opt for Lukewarm showers
For your body and your face, I would suggest using Luke warm water to cleanse daily. It is quite comforting to bath with hot water after being exposed to the harsh cold weather but it can strip your skin and cause itching and dryness to your skin.


After hoping out of the shower, apply your moisturizer to damp skin to seal in all that moisture. Using products that contain hyaluronic acid, ceremide’s or glycerin can be favorable to your skin. For the driest parts of your body i.e. your elbows and knees use thicker creams to helps to treat or avoid cracks.

Invest in a good hand cream. Personally, I think this is something you will need year-round but for those who don’t, fall season is a great time to start. Our hands get so dry and chapped from over washing trying to prevent cold and flu. Washing constantly leaves your hands susceptible to the dry winter to its important you keep it moisturized and protected using rich emollient creams.

Last but not least, make sure you are choosing healthy options that will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy from the inside out. To combat my dry skin, I usually increase my omega 3 fatty acids and I increase my hydration intake. Remember you healthy skin is not just what you put on your skin ; what you put in your body plays a huge role too.

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