April 05, 2016

My love for skincare started as early as I can remember. As a teenager with sensitive skin, when I would get breakouts I would sit in front of the mirror analyzing every inch of my face pondering over how to fix the flaws that I could see. As I grew into womanhood, skincare became an immense passion of mine which I was always eager to share with anyone who was remotely interested. To me, regardless of what features you have, nothing is more beautiful than glowing healthy skin.

Skincare was also a topic that my mum and I bonded over; it drew us even closer to each other. We would talk about skincare for hours, and would share our excitement or disappointment with products we had discovered. My constant disappointment with skincare products and my desire to learn more inspired me to switch careers and become a trained esthetician from Avenue Five Institute in Texas. As an esthetician I discovered I not only loved learning about skincare, I loved helping people solve their skin problems. Skin care to me is a process that must be enjoyed, and I always tried to make sure my clients enjoyed their experience with me.

As a Nigerian woman I have discovered that there is limited information about skincare products that work for our skin type and climate. Now I am a mother of two beautiful daughters with sensitive skin like mine, I am even more motivated in my pursuit of finding the best skincare products that work for women of colour, to ensure the next generation is well informed.

Over the years I have learnt a lot about skincare, and I hope my blog, Kreme, provides the opportunity to share my knowledge, my discoveries and my passion for all things skincare with you. Kreme will have curated skincare reviews, interviews and information on trends in the Skincare industry. I invite you to explore the world of skincare with me. I hope you find information that will help you, educate you or entertain you but  most importantly I hope you enjoy your experience with me putting

skin first.

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