June 09, 2018

In 2011, I was in Philadelphia for a quick two-day visit. I knew ahead of time that It would be a stressful trip, so I knew I that it was essential to squeeze out a few hours for some self-care. To be completely honest, it wasn’t that stressful, I just told myself that to justify my intense desire to visit the Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, which was awarded the best day spa award by Philadelphia magazine. The service there was exceptional, and most importantly I left with a connection I made with an esthetician that left a lasting impact on my career (will share in future post).

Fast forward to May 6, 2018. I thought the stars were aligned because the annual skin of color seminar was in New York, and the Rescue Spa had also launched a new buzzed about location in New York, so it was a no brainer; I had to experience it.


AMBIANCE: Two words come to mind when thinking of the rescue spa: ‘Chic and Comfortable’. It is a beautiful and chic space. It’s obvious the Founder, Danuta Mieloch , put a lot of time and thought into every inch of the space. From the floors to the walls, every detail worked hand in hand to create the experience for each individual that walks in. Despite the space being beautiful, you still feel a sense of warmth and comfort. It was not sterile and cold, but it was a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and I was at ease the minute I walked in. There was a flow to the room that I thought was unique, and easy, and added to the experience. The first thing (and my personal favorite thing) I noticed was the product displays were right in the middle of the room; like the pillars of the spa. To me it emphasized the importance and confidence the founder had in the efficacy of her amazing selection. A selection which included Biologize Recherche, Valmont, Environ and Cellcosmet to name a few; it was truly the crème de la crème of skin care in one room.

When I finally stopped obsessing over products, I was ushered over to the mini waiting/bar area and was offered a light refreshment before my service began. A vast selection of tea and water, complimentary nuts and other snacks were offered. To the right of the bar, a beautiful stair well leads to a bigger lounge area with more facial rooms, changing rooms, and sauna. Behind the mini waiting area upstairs, you had the mani/pedi area, hair, brow and lash area, all tucked into their allotted space. When it was time for my service, the therapist led me to a beautiful treatment room.It was clean, uncluttered, the spa music was very subtle, and there was no heavy fragrance attacking your sense of smell. To summarize , it was a beautiful spa that delivers a great experience.



TREATMENT:  The reason I love and recommend Rescue Spa is they offer a highly personalized approach to skincare and treatments; that is key. During my visit, I received a customized classic facial. The custom facial is a universal facial, and a great intro facial for a first-time spa client, and it is also great for the experienced spa goer who just wants a “pick me up”.



For my facial, the therapist cleansed with Biologize Recherche Lait U, followed by Valmont scrub, Biologue Recherche P50 1970 and finished with a combination of Biologue Rechereche elastin pure, serum placenta and serum VIP02.  I requested for extractions, which was done mid-way through the treatment, and she ended with their signature facial massage, which is the piece de resistance of the facial.

The facial massage used some familiar techniques applied by estheticians but kicked up (a little bit more than) a notch, plus a few unique moves. When it came to that potion of the treatment, the therapist softly informed me so I would not be alarmed. All I can say is she literally beat my fibroblast to submission. It felt like intense slapping of your skin. There was a point I thought “ok, this time you will turn blue” but I was quickly reminded why I loved it so much. The minute she moved over to my other cheek, I instantly began to feel firmness and a sensation deep within my skin; it’s amazing. Between the massage and the generous helping of serums, my skin felt smooth and looked revived. It was amazing. 

After the treatment, the therapist suggested at-home care ,  the facial treatment to get on my next visit and packed a cute sample pouch with a few goodies.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: As a mentioned earlier, the moment I walked into the Rescue Spa, I felt comfortable. Besides the space evoking that feeling, the staff at Rescue Spa were really impressive. They welcomed me in a very familiar manner, they were warm and just wanted me and every other client to be comfortable. I was mostly impressed with the fact that every staff on the floor was knowledgeable of all the products and were able to help to some degree, if a skin therapist was unavailable, which is rare to find in most spas.

Needless to say, this was a great experience, and dare I say it was better than my last visit to the Rescue Rittenhouse Spa. So, should you visit Rescue Spa? Absolutely!!! It’s a must.

Thanks Rescue Spa for a wonderful experience.


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