December 16, 2018

Joanna Czech is a veteran in the skincare industry. With over 30 years experience, Joanna Czech believes that the key to achieving beautiful, healthy skin is long term and incorporating appropriate regimens with a healthy lifestyle. Her treatments are tailored to be effective yet gentle, achieving this through the use of cutting edge technology, great products and experienced hands.

After several failed attempts to visit her studio I finally made it this fall. In the summer I tried to visit after a trading in Dallas but I missed my appointment. I made it this time by the skin of teeth and was so glad I did because it was worth every second.

Thanks Joanna Czech studio for your exceptional service.







Clean and Modern.


When I arrived Dallas, the weather was dreadful and the rain just wouldn't let up. My husband couldn't find parking close to the spa so I had to run across the street in the rain. By the time I got to the door, I was drenched but I opened the door and tried to gather myself. As I looked up the  entryway, it thought I had been transported to the future. Beautiful, modern , white and grey ,clean space. So clean that I felt bad walking in with my muddy, wet shoes messing up the space. As I walked to the appointment desk to check in , I walked really slowly because not only were my shoes muddy they were squeaky.


Luckily the lady at the front desk was warm and pleasant . She welcomed me in and checked me in. As I waited , I decided to walk through this two room studio spa. In the waiting area, a fantastic selection of skincare products and gadgets; I felt literally like a kid in a candy store. From professional lines like Biologue Recherche, Valmont, STRUM, Medik 8, Evenswiss to popular skincare brands like REN , Tatcha,  and Clea de Pau; they definitely had a variety to cover a variety of skin needs.


 Besides two treatment rooms, they had a cozy consultation room and a changing room/ bathroom. Every room beautifully done with a theme that flowed throughout




For my treatment, I received the LED Therapy treatment. It is was a short treatment about (30mins). We choose to target antiaging with this treatment however LED can be used for a variety of conditions from acne to antiaging. The treatment I received promoted collagen and elastin , firmness and elasticity all without using any aggressive techniques.

The products used were customized for my skin's needs they included For my facial, the therapist cleansed with Biologue Recherche Lait U, then the LED light was placed over my face for thirty minutes and finished with Valmont antiaging serums and moisturizers.

Afterwards, my skin looked noticeably radiant , not irritated or red.


CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Five star service. They welcomed me and offered refreshments. Everyone was knowledgeable about the services and products. The aesthetician was amazing! Her technique was precise, yet gentle with every pass. She let me enjoy the treatment and offered education and information only when necessary.

Definitely recommend the Joanna Czech studio to anyone visiting or in the Dallas area.


Joanna Czech

2410 Victory Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75219

Thanks Joanna Czech for a wonderful experience.



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