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We offer in depth virtual consultations with a licensed aesthetician. You will receive customized professional advice about your skin type and learn how to take care of it. 

Every skin is unique, therefore our consultation is based on providing you with service and knowledge that is unique to your skin; most importantly addressing concerns holistically.

Finally, we would like to encourage you to be committed to the journey to skin health, by holding yourself accountable and keeping in touch with us with any questions or concerns via a follow up appointment. 

Choose a convenient day and time. Include your email/social media handle, phone number and we will contact you at the scheduled meeting time. 

Prior to our meeting, please make sure you PURCHASE YOUR CONSULTATION HERE. After our consultation you will receive a special discount off of your first order equal to the cost of the consultation!

Please note, discount is non refundable or non transferable. it will only apply to your first order placed immediately after consultation. if you have questions about consultations or discount please send a message to hello@kreme.ng or contact@kreme.ng.

Thank you. 

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