Exfoliation removes debris blocking the follicles thereby allowing greater product penetration and increasing cellular turnover. There are different types of exfoliation suitable for people of colour. 


Exfoliation can be either mechanical or chemical exfoliation.


They are rubbed over the skins surface to remove dead skin cells.  The most common types of exfoliation are scrubs, brush machine and microdermabrasion used in spa rooms. For at home care, scrubs and facial brushes can be purchased in most beauty department stores. Even though these are available to everyone to purchase, I would recommend that you are cautious when choosing mechanical exfoliation especially if you have sensitive skin.

SCRUBS: They are usually granules suspended in a cream or gel base. When choosing this type of exfoliation people of colour should be very careful because if it is too abrasive it could cause pigmentation issues. I would suggest using scrubs that are fine and without rough edges.

BENEFITS: It is easy to use and requires less time 


This is a more advanced method of exfoliating the skin. It removes dead cells with the use of aluminum dioxide or a diamond tip wand. The dead skin is sucked up by a vacuum which results in stimulating cell turnover.


Reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation

Reduces the size of scars

The suction stimulates cell turnover


Chemical exfoliation removes dead skin you dissolving the intercellular glue that binds the epidermal cells together. 


Enzymes dissolve dead skin cells with harming new cells.  They usually come in mask formulated either powder, cream or paste and it is applied to your skin during a facial or by yourself at home. Enzymes are my favorite type of exfoliant because it is perfect for sensitive skin because most enzymes don’t change skin ph. consequently leaving less room for pigmentation issues to arise.


It’s does not alter the skins ph.

It usually contains other antioxidants that benefits the skin

GOMMAGE: this is also an enzyme cream but this product is applied allowed to dry then rubbed off. The rubbing off motion removes dead skin.


It is mild on skin while dissolving dead skin

The rubbing motion also stimulates circulation

 CHEMICAL PEELS: These are more advanced methods of exfoliation and should be done by a professional in a spa or medical spa setting. There are a variety of peels available and should be selected by the professional based on the skin condition treated.

 I would love to know what method of exfoliation you prefer and what is your favorite brand? Have a blessed day. 

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